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In addition to the ocean, islands to explore, mountains to experience, and a rich and diverse culture to learn, Thailand is also flooded with interesting activities. For adventure seekers, you can skate ziplines through tree canopies, kick with Muay Thai and take international level diving courses. For those looking for less adventure, Thailand also offers beautiful retreats, relaxed massage sessions, and funny cooking classes.
When to go and what to do by this time?
January to March
The weather during this time is still cool and pleasant which offers great conditions for outdoor activities such as trekking (mostly in provinces in the North), hiking, and biking.
November to April
Andaman is a must-visit place between November and April when the incredible sea view is perfect for snorkeling. Normally, seaside resorts and hotels close from May to October because of the rainy season.
January to September
The Koh Tao Dive Center is a place where you can dive almost year-round, but most resorts on the island and nearby locations are closed until the rainy season ends.

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Interesting activities in Thailand
1. Diving
The waters of Thailand's coastline are extremely diverse. Nearly all diving areas are located in the South, although there are coral reefs and wrecks in the East Sea.
Surin and Similan Islands: Both Surin and Similan are two beautiful national parks. Stretching 60 km offshore, Surin comprises 5 islands, while Similan is a combination of nine granite islands. The diving spots of these two archipelagos are known to be among the best in the world for great views and gorges. You can choose to start scuba diving and offshore life of all levels from Phuket or Hat Khao Lak.
Hin Daeng and Hin Muang: From Ko Lanta, Hin Daeng and Hin Muang are like two rocks from a distance, it is difficult to see the surface clearly. Diving down, everything changed dramatically, you could see manta rays and barracuda. Due to the depth of up to 40m and quite strong currents, this area is not suitable for amateur or beginner divers.
Koh Tao: Koh Tao is an attractive place for scuba diving lovers as it offers the cheapest and best OWD diving certification. For non-divers, there are many interesting water games and lovely pools for relaxing.

Diving in Thailand

2. Cycling and trekking
Northern Thailand has great hiking routes, multi-story waterfalls, dense forests, and high mountain ranges. You can spend the night with ethnic people here or set up tents to sleep with nature. Along with trekking, the guide can arrange for you to ride a bicycle, kayak, and raft.
Chiang Mai: Chiang Mai is a popular trekking spot in the North of Thailand. Besides, you can also head straight to further destinations such as the Um Phang Wildlife Sanctuary, where the kingdom's largest waterfall is there, or learn survival skills from a guide raised from the mountains.
If you are a trekking lover and you wish to find a place to experience a cool climate in the forest in the summer, Loei Loei is exactly the best choice. In addition to the well-known Phu Kradueng National Park with the 5.5 km trail through the plateau, this place also has numerous beautiful trekking options waiting for you to be conquered.
3. Thai cooking
Learning how to cook Thai food is on the to-do list of many travelers. Thai chefs are very eager to share their secrets and cooking methods as well as guide visitors to local markets to introduce them to specific ingredients which are used in their traditional food.
Chiang Mai: To enrich knowledge about Northern Thai food, choose one of the countless cooking classes in Chiang Mai where you can find recipes for both savory dishes and vegetarian options.
Kanchanaburi: You will have the right to brag when you go home by learning how to create perfect Thai pat dishes and green curry after taking an Apple & Noi Thai cooking course. Most of the composition is homegrown.

Thai cooking

4. Muay Thai
Thai boxing training centers are generally related to fitness packages. Muay Thai is popular in Thailand.
Pattaya Fairtex Sports Club has excellent facilities to train foreign visitors from exercise level to combat experience.
Chiang Mai: The Northern Capital has some of the top Muay Thai gyms, including Lanna Muay Boxing Thai Camp and Muay Thai Chai Yai, where everyone, from national champions to newbies started coming here for training.
5. Meditation and mind cultivation
Thai people often go to spiritual retreats to rejuvenate themselves. The popular places for this experience are temples or meditation centers.
Phuket: The island has not only some top spots for offering meditation courses for foreigners but also several high-quality yoga schools.
Ubon Ratchathani: The northeast region is known as the center of the forest meditation temples in Thailand. For a religious lifestyle, visit Wat Pa Nanachat.

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6. Climbing
Thailand has a variety of climbing options, for beginners to spiderman’s rivals. While the majority of climbing points are situated in the south, the north also has some breathtaking mountain peaks to be conquered.
Railay: There are high limestone cliffs surrounded by blue ocean and excellent beaches making Railay the number one climbing spot in Thailand.
Lopburi Khao Chin Lae: This limestone peak of 240 meters is surrounded by fields of sunflowers. The guide in Lopburi can arrange transportation and explain the routes.
7. Surfing and kite surfing
Almost year-round winds attract surfers to the east coast.
Phuket: The most crowded period for surfing is from June to September when the once-a-year surfing competitions are held in Hat Kata Yai, the most well-known surfing spot in Phuket, and Hat Kalim, just lying in the north of the Patong Beach.
Hua Hin: Hua Hin has been blessed with strong winds, shallow water, and a long beach to practice surfing as well as kite surfing.

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