Holidays & festivals in Thailand

New Year's Day (Western New Year)
January 1: This is a Western New Year. Although Thailand is a Southeast Asian country, foreigners have settled and traveled a lot, therefore, Thailand celebrates New year ever very imposingly, especially in Pattaya, where the amusement parks are bustling day and night.
Teacher ceremony in Thailand
January 16: This is a teacher's holiday in Thailand, like a Teacher's Day in Vietnam, this festival in Thai is wăn khruu.
Chinese New Year in Thailand
This is not a big Thai holiday, but it is known as Chinese New Year. It is held in January or February according to the lunar calendar.
Although it is not the New Year of the Thai, at this time, the street is still dyed red because the Chinese people who have settled here celebrate it with great magnificence and joy. The Chinese New Year in Thailand will feature fireworks displays, dragon dances, kungfu performances, food parties and Chinese music.
Thailand Children's Day
Held on the 2nd Saturday in January. Thailand considers children the most important resource, so they use this day to honor and organize fun activities for children.
During Thailand Children's Day, children do not have to buy tickets or have a discount when visiting the entertainments such as museums, zoos, amusement parks ... and even public transportation, and interesting activities are held everywhere for kids.
Makha Bucha Day
In February, the most prominent is the Thai Buddhist festival Makha Bucha. This festival is organized in February or March (basing on the full moon day of March on the Thai lunar calendar)
Here people worship prayers, support monks, meditate and even sleep in temples, with a candle-stick procession held after sunset. Wat Lat Phra in Bangkok is a great place to experience this holiday.
Valentine's Day
February 14th: This is Valentine's Day, according to the Thai language it is wan summerèng Khoam. On this day, people sell flowers on the streets of Bangkok. In Pattaya, foreign tourists come in a lot on Valentine’s day.
Thai elephant day
This is a long-standing Thai holiday. Every March 13, Thailand's mighty elephants are provided with fruits and sugarcane in parks, zoos, and anywhere they are found. They are also held blessing rituals by Buddhist monks to bring good luck.

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Chakri Day:
It is an important Thai holiday that takes place on April 6, commemorating the Chakri Dynasty foundation in 1782, when Bangkok became the capital. On this day, the banks, government offices and schools were closed. The Royal Family held religious ceremonies to commemorate all the kings of the dynasties in the past.
Songkran water festival
One of the most famous festivals in Thailand, which was held from April 13 to 15 to mark the new year in Thailand, Songkran is an experience not to be missed. Festivals are water fights everywhere. This day attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world flocking to visit this country festival of Thailand, everyone flocked to the street to splash each other with the meaning of bringing luck.
Labor Day
A holiday in Thailand, International Labor on May 1. At this time, most private businesses and banks are still closed, only a few government agencies are still open.
Royal Ploughing Ceremony:
The ceremony is organized in early May, the date determined by Buddhist monks, and from this date, the rice-growing season is officially begun. There is a representative of the harvest lord and he will be offered a ceremonial sword and ring by the king at the Temple of the Emerald Buddha in Bangkok to process the ceremony.
Visakha Bucha Day
A Thai Buddhist festival takes place in May or June (following the lunar calendar) to celebrate the birth and enlightenment of the Buddha. The devotees worship at the temples and obey the five Buddhist precepts.
Sale season in Thailand
Although this is not a big Thai holiday, the sale season in Thailand is very interested for many people. It is held from mid-June to mid-August. At this big event, centers, shops, hotels, spas, restaurants, airlines, markets, and entertainment centers all actively participate to attract customers with many discounts.
Asana Bucha Day
Another important festival of Thai Buddhism, usually held in mid-July or August, is the day the Buddha gave his first sermon in India. Buddhists pray at the temple and do merit, and candle processions are held in some places.
Thai Candle Festival
The Thai Candle Festival coincides with the Asanha festival, which lasts 2 days with a large parade of candles. The most famous city for this festival is Ubon Ratchathani in the northeast of Thailand, where artists in the world come to participate in a candle carving contest.
Mother's Day
This is a famous Thai holiday, the birthday of Queen Sirikit on August 12 and Mother's Day across Thailand. In addition to doing merit, on this day people also decorate many lights, flowers and fireworks.
Thai ghost festival
Thailand Ghost Festival held in August, the festival lasts 3 days and it recreates the legend of a party that the dead and the living want to attend. A parade with many people disguised as ghosts was held on the first day. There are also music contests and shows on the second day and Buddhist religious ceremonies on the last day.

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Mid-Autumn Festival in Thailand
Also known as the Thai Moon Festival, it is celebrated on the full moon of the August lunar calendar. During the Mid-Autumn Festival in Thailand, all old and young people must attend the moon worship, everyone will gather together at the altar of Bodhisattva and eight buddhas to pray for good things for their families.
There will be a lot of confectionery fruits on the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, but it is indispensable for peaches and moon cakes. Thais believe that eight buddhas will bring peaches to the Bodhisattva, and Bodhisattvas will bless them.
Kin Jay Vegetarian Festival
From late September to mid-October, this Thai vegetarian festival honors the 9 Taoist emperors by cleansing the body and spirit by dieting meat, fish, alcohol and drugs. Shops hang yellow flags and wear yellow aprons to inform that they serve vegetarian food.
The anniversary of King Chulalongkorn's death
October 23 is considered a national holiday when Thailand honors the day that King Chulalongkorn (King Rama V) died by arranging flowers on his memorial and especially his horse-riding statues.
This occasion is not a Thai holiday, however, there is a large number of foreigners and foreign tourists in Thailand by this time, then several bars, restaurants and hotels hold costume parties, dinners, or live music on Halloween night.
Yi Peng Lantern Festival
The Yi Peng Festival, also known as the Chiang Mai sky lantern festival organized in Chiang Mai, is one of the most famous festivals in Thailand. On these nights of the festival, people deliver thousands of paper lanterns with candles into the sky. According to the Thai Lanna calendar, the Chiang Mai sky lantern festival will be held on the full moon of the 12th lunar month every year.
Loy Krathong festival
This may be the most beautiful festival in the country. At the festival, people drop small banana leaves boats ornamented with flowers and a candle into a pond, lake or river as a symbolic manner to clean off their bad past. The thousands of flashing lights suspended in the water at this festival are truly magical sights.
Father's Day
December 5 marks the birthday anniversary of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej and is a major Thai holiday. This event is a chance for Thai people to celebrate a late birthday for their beloved, whom they call their father.
Thailand's Christmas is the peak holiday season in Thailand and hotels are always out of the room. The malls are filled with Christmas emblems and sparkles everywhere.


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