Cinema in Vietnam

Enjoy your vacation in Vietnam but you still don’t want to miss the newest blockbusters? Many of them are film buffs. And also learning more about Vietnamese film culture is an interesting experience. In this article, we Travel Authentic Asia will guide you top 4 best movie theatres in Vietnam with international quality and a variety of movies from West to East.

CGV Cinema

CJ CGV is one of the top class movie theatres and publishers, not only in Vietnam but also around the world. Therefore, CGV owns the biggest cinema chains in Vietnam and copyrights of the most famous movies come from many countries. The cinemas of CGV also have the most innovative technologies such as IMAX, STARIUM, 4DX, Dolby Atmos audio system to bring audiences the highest quality service. Besides the casual movie rooms, they also provide the higher class, such as 3D, Gold Class, L’amour, Sweet Box…

CGV Vietnam

(Cre: CGV Vietnam)

Even the ticket price in CGV maybe higher when compared to others, the services and quality of the movies here are really worth it. You can feel free to enjoy your favourite movies without a worry.

BHD Cinema

BHD movie theatre chain was established and thriving first in Hochiminh City, with its motivation is to become a friendly movie theatre brand to young people and every family in Vietnam. The cinemas of BHD are famous for a Vietnamese style design, that contain many features of Vietnamese’s daily life.

BHD Vietnam

(Cre: BHD Star Vietnam)

Price ticket in BHD Cinema is very reasonable, compared to service quality that they provide. BHD cinema also has many promotions for customer, and is one of the pioneer in focusing on the customers who love watching movies at late night.

Galaxy Cinema

Galaxy Cinema is another name that are famous in Vietnam movie theater market. Galaxy Cinema locates on the most hustle and bustle center of the big cities of Vietnam (such as near Hanoi Old Quarter, Hochiminh City District 1…). The movie theatres demand international standards and own many modern technologies, such as 3Ds movies, surrounded sound system, some of them are designed and installed under the guarantee by Hollywood-famous WARNER BROS Group.

Galaxy cinema Vietnam

(Cre: Galaxy  Cinema Vietnam)

Lotte Cinema

Most of Lotte Cinema’s movie theatres locate inside Lotte Mega Complexes. Founded in 2008, under the global giant – Lotte Group Korea, Lotte Cinema has gone through a long journey of desiring all the demands of film buffs in Vietnam, with their quality of profession in film projection, visual and aural experiences, food service...

Lotte Cinema Vietnam

(Cre: Lotte Cinema Vietnam)

Especially, Lotte cinema also has a kind of room named Superplex, with the biggest screen among the movies theatres in Vietnam, which can give viewer a spectacular panoramic watching film experience.

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