Entertainment in Vietnam

Entertainment in Vietnam, in general, is a great mixture of traditional and contemporary styles. The country is home to lots of festivals from the countryside to cities that normally boom during the spring after the lunar new year and less hot on the other time. During the festival, traditional music and games are normally performed as part of festive activities. Vietnam proudly owns some special and typical traditional art like water puppet, Quan ho folk singing, and so on…

Entertainment in Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Although traditional stuffs still play a very important role in people life, the young now have much more choice than their parents did before. Nowadays and in the tourism sphere, entertainment includes a variety of activities ranging from sports to sightseeing, shopping, music, dancing, etc. Along with the economic development, the globalization process has changed the atmosphere of entertainment in the country swiftly. Pop, rap, hip hop is indispensable now along with the internet and other media facilities.
In big cities, sports clubs, cinemas, discotheques, bars, and nightclubs... are on the list of entertainment. Karaoke, a type of singing with an audio set attacked the country around the 1990s and has become very popular now.

Entertainment in Vietnam

It is very easy and convenient for travelers to find an entertaining place when you are here. Though according to the government regulation, all the places have to be closed at midnight but you can still find somewhere that opens later until 2 or 3 am, especially in tourist hubs. In the view of government, discotheque or those alike are considered haunts of social problems so; the number of places likes that can be counted with fingers on your hand.
Anyway, coffee bars and western-style bars are rather popular around and most of them are convenient and often with music dead or live and sometimes with a little dancing ground and is a good place for night owls.
Cinemas and theatres are normally good, spacious and some of them have such a luxurious and impressive design. Along with those mentioned above, in cities there are also quite lots of good parks that are the place of entertainment and sport, some of them modeled Disneyland. Wandering around and find a place for entertainment is not a difficult affair. There are always enough for you to kill your time and enjoy your holiday when you are here, in Vietnam.

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