The best time to hunt clouds in Ta Xua

Ta Xua is an ideal place for tourists who have an interest in observing clouds and the majestic nature of the Northwest Vietnam.

Ta Xua is a highland commune in Bac Yen district, Son La province. Ta Xua Peak at an altitude of 2875m (according to GPS), is a place all year round covered by a sea of ​​white clouds, billowing and immense, contributing to creating a poetic scene like a fairyland.

Visitors to Ta Xua will be immersed in the paradise of clouds and mountains. Famous "check-in" spots that are loved by backpackers and tourists, such as: Ta Xua cloud paradise, wind peaks, lonely tree, Camel Peak, Dolphin Peak, Xuan Thien Hydroelectric Lake and dinosaur can visit hundred-year ancient tea gardens and experience tea picking, making tea by hand and enjoying tea with a special aroma; Immerse yourself in the unique and rustic life of the Mong ethnic group, enjoy special dishes, such as Black chicken, banh day, grilled fish...

Hunt cloud in Ta Xua

The road to Ta Xua is zigzags and is unpaved gravel, but beautiful in its own way. On the way, you encounter wild flowers, wild grass and peaceful trees. Ta Xua's four sides are surrounded by high mountains, and the dream in the white clouds looks so romantic.

Nature and the children of the H'Mong ethnic group here seem to merge into one. They live in harmony with the mountains and forests with genuine human love. Coming to Ta Xua, you can see the carefree smiles of children hiding behind doors, quietly looking at you, or scenes of the daily life of the people here, which exude something very beautiful.

Because it is located at an altitude of 1,500 - 1,800 meters above sea level, Ta Xua has a cool climate all year round. You can come to Ta Xua at any time you like. However, if you want to hunt Ta Xua clouds, the most suitable time is from October through to April. If you want to avoid the sweltering heat, go to Ta Xua in the summer, if you want to try the cold "cutting the flesh" and sometimes watching the snow fall, go to Ta Xua in the winter. In general, the weather in Ta Xua is cool and chilly.

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