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Welcome to Travel Authentic Asia Partners site!
Designed especially for our partners in travel industry, this section provides access to a wide range of information and tool regarding Authentic Asia and our products. Users can browse through our online tariff, promotions, factsheets and photo library as well as dowload userful sales tools and a selection of our brochures. With easy navigation and the most up-to-date information. Partners site provides the latest news and products from Travel Authentic Asia.
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About Us | Why Us?
Travel Authentic Asia Travel is commited to the perfect travelling style that provides you not only the best holiday but also a through understanding about the places you are visiting. At Travel Authentic Asia Travel, products are the combination of trust and unique service that designed in the spirit of online booking exellence with 24 hours accessibility. Our products provide the ideal destination you want at Authentic Asia Travel we dare to be perfect.

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