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Laos is a bit laid-back country. There are not many social activities in Vientiane in particular and Laos in general that either Lao or foreigners can indulge in. Anyway, you will always find somewhere to enjoy the night with a beer or two. There is not much nightlife outside of tourist areas and populated centre.
Most places remain empty until 10 p.m., but by 11 they have filled up for the very short 'night out'. Closing times vary around 1 a.m. Clubs in hotels some big hotels stay open later.

The night life in Vientiane is lively. Most of big hotels have night clubs for both locals and tourists. Outside, there are a few popular, tightly-packed pub/discos, night clubs, music and karaoke pubs which play a mix of Lao, Thai, Western and other Asian pop music.
The best way to explore is simply to just walk around and drop in any place you find it fit.
The Khop Chai Deu, on the southwest corner of the Nam Phu Fountain, is the hot spot for expats and travelers. For a more laid-back atmosphere, try Jazzy Brick, across from Khop Chai Deu, or the Chicago Bar, on Rue Nokeokoumane across from Wat Mixay. If dancing is your thing, check out Dtec Disco at the Novotel hotel. Note that everything is supposed to close down before midnight before the start of the unofficial curfew, although clubs generally stay open until 1-1.30 am. The most notable exception is the extremely popular Don Chan Palace Hotel Nightclub which is open until 4 am on the weekend.
For live music, try Chess Café, on Sakkaline Road, just off Fa Ngum Road east of town, or On the Rock, an intimate affair on the corner of Fa Ngum and Manthatulat Road.

Vang Vieng nightlife offers drinking and lots of it. While the infamous ‘shroom special shakes’ can do the job without any help from synthetic stimulants, more experienced travellers tend to chill out with beers or drinks that they are familiar with. Many bars offer the usual extras such as darts and pool. Music is well covered from typical young western tunes to chill-out music. Most bars serve as restaurants as well and stay open until very late to welcome the ‘tubers’ that need to unwind after a long day out on the river.

Luang Prabang is not a nightlife destination. There are, however, a few small establishments that stay open past midnight where conversation and beer flow in harmony. Some popular places for tourist are: Dao Fah bar, Lao Lao garden, Night food market, Utopia bar…
This is more a place for wandering and enjoying laidback style. Anyway, for two or 3 nights here you can always find somewhere to kill your time.

In Savannakhet, there are a number of restaurants and open-air bars along the Mekong River front where one can enjoy both imported beer and Beer Lao and to get away from the chaos and noise of city life.