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As a responsible traveler, you are expected to travel responsibly. It is more than what you can do but how you think, what you see and what you can build. Here are Travel Authentic Asia’s general responsible travel advices for you. With a little effort, you will be rewarded. Make your holiday an experience of a lifetime!
  • Open your mind and your heart. Keep smiling and a gentle manner as it can open many doors.
  • Learn some language – have a little note book with some simple phrases of conversation you may use when meeting people and do not be afraid to practice them whenever possible. Simple pleasantries will help break the ice.
  • Do not let yourself be looked tatty and slovenly. Good appearance earns respect. It’s best not to show off too much skin. Dress well when visiting temples and pagodas. If unsure, just follow what the locals do.
  • Ask for permission when taking a photograph of someone, especially in minority areas. If they indicate that they do not want you to, then abide by their wishes.
  • The concept of “saving face” is extremely important in Asia.  Never lose your temper in public or when bargaining for a purchase. This is considered a serious loss of face for both parties. Treat people with respect and maintain a cool and happy manner then you will be reciprocated with the same.
  • Physical displays of affection in public are frowned upon. Do not show off or try to be superior nor being patronizing; keep a low profile and a cool head, remain polite.
  • Don't offer money directly to people or push the issue. Avoid giving empty water bottles, sweets and candies or pens to the local people when trekking through ethnic minority villages. Supporting the community through a local school, clinic or development project may be more constructive.
  • Support locally owned businesses, restaurants and other services. Eat local food and drink local brands and brews. Hire a bike or walk where convenient - you'll meet local people and get to know the place.
  • Shop from traditional artisans and for locally made products, helping keep traditional crafts alive. Bargain as that is a local practice, but bear in mind that a small amount to you could be extremely important to the seller.
  • Make yourself a good exemplary of protecting and keeping environment clean. Locals look at you, learn from you and your practice are highly valued and appreciated.
  • Do not be critical. Accept the differences and respect local standard. Take these as interesting experience you are lucky to have through your travel. Enjoy every single minute of your time.

Vietnam Responsible travel tips
Vietnam is a country with stunning scenery, friendly people and is a safe place to travel. And Vietnam has it own characters/standards that might be different from your own one. Different about culture, history and style life… This is part of the reason you make your holiday here. These travel tips might be sufficient to help you to avoid any faux pas or problem during your travel here as well as to build a positive image of yourself in the eyes of the people. Relax and enjoy your holiday!

Laos Responsible travel tips
Laos is a country of peace that blessed with great natural beauty. The people of Laos are very gentle and friendly. Largely unspoiled, devotedly Buddhist and typical with ethnically diverse culture that not much changed over the centuries, this country will forever leave a lasting impression on all travellers. When you are in Rome, do as the Romans do. Please, help to protect the traditional values of Laos and its environment. We are responsible traveler and we travel responsibly!

Cambodia Responsible travel tips
Visiting Cambodia is an experience that will live inside of you forever. The country homes some of most valuable cultural assets of the mankind and is a place that is rich with traditional culture. Though many vicissitudes, the Cambodian people have never changed their friendly and hospitable nature. When you travel to Cambodia, by making a little effort you will gain trust, friendship, and have a better overall experience. Smile, relax and have fun!

Thailand Responsible travel tips
Thailand, The Land of Smiles Thailand is an incredible destination. With a long, rich heritage and abundant natural resources, from its mist-covered mountains to the verdant limestone islands of the Andaman Sea, Thailand is without a doubt one of the most exotic destinations in Asia. Thais are known for their tolerance and hospitality, and the average tourist will have no difficulty in adjusting to local customs. As in any unfamiliar society, a visitor should, nevertheless, be aware of certain do’s and don'ts to avoid offending people unintentionally.