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Entertainment in Thailand offers variety of choices includes the various live shows, bars sports and music clubs... Thailand is no doubt a place of entertainment that can be experienced in most of cities and tourist hubs. Bangkok and Pattaya are popular for their discos where some are small while other enormous.
The Thai kickboxing is a unique boxing that is unique to Thailand that can be seen every where. On the other hand sports like golf, soccer, various water sports also form the entertainment shape of Thailand.
For those interested in plays and operas, it is not difficult to find here. The theatrical events include Thai dance and puppet performances, Thai and English dramas as well as the musical performances are available in most tourist place.
Various Thai restaurants host cultural shows that are accompanied by music played on traditional instruments. The performers are dressed in traditional costumes with the slow graceful movements as they dance. For those interested to catch the entertainment in Thailand should consult the English newspapers that carry a daily listing of all the concerts, cinemas and other exhibitions.

Sports in Thailand provide numerous opportunities for the visitors to take part in. There is a wealth of activities for the visitors in Thailand that include both the outdoor and the indoor sports. On the other hand the visitors can also enjoy the traditional sports of Thailand that are an integral part and parcel of the festivals and traditional events.

Thailand’s nightlife has a reputation for being somewhat wild and rowdy but at the same time it is safe, enjoyable, relaxed and above all else, fun! The truth is that there are always something for someone and everyone.
Nightlife in Thailand is really thrilling. Bars and pubs open till late at night and have become a hangout for all the age groups. The important nightlife activities in Thailand include the cinemas, cabaret shows, disco, music performance…
For those interested to catch more of action the right places are Bangkok and Pattaya that abound with activities. Chiang Mai also provides various centers of entertainment and draws both the domestic and international crowds.
From beer bars to Muay Thai boxing, to beach parties, lady boy shows and after dark shopping experiences, Thailand has it all.
Depending on where you visit in Thailand, the different options when it comes to evening entertainment are likely to vary considerably. For example, a night out in Bangkok is likely to very different from a night out in Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Phuket, Hua Hin or on one of the popular islands.