Angkor Silk Farm

While being in Siem Reap, after a tour across the historical temples and now you wish to explore a new place with the beauty of Cambodia’s countryside, the Angkor Silk Farm is the best choice for your experience.

The Angkor Silk Farm is about 16km west of Siem Reap, just follow the road to Sisophon in the village of Puok. The quiet atmosphere surrounded by five hectares of mulberry trees plantations in Angkor Silk Farm will make you feel comfortable and refresh. Besides, the whole traditional silk-making process is displayed and explained, too.

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Arriving at Angkor Silk Farm, you will have a chance to learn about the complex process, which starts from mulberry trees cultivation for silkworm farming; silkworm will magically grow into cocoons before the farmers can harvest silk threads. Then the artisans will continue their work to turn those threads into splendid silk fabrics. The Angkor Silk Farm employs more than 400 workers from Artisans Angkor (A Cambodian social business that was founded in 1992 through a partnership between a European NGO and the Ministry of Education. Artisans Angkor will operate vocational centers across the country to train rural Cambodians in Khmer craftsmanship.

angkor silk farm

The farmers here plan many slush gardens to rear many rare and endemic medicinal and dyeing plants, one of those is the mulberry fields. You will be guided and introduced to many different varieties of mulberry, how they are raised and some unique architectural things which are applied to protect the precious silkworms.

After exploring the farm, you could take a break at a relaxing place. Just take your time, to take a seat at the coffee shop, listen to the birds twittering, experience the feeling that time has stopped for a while, and you and the beauty of nature would harmonize.

silk farm

The Angkor Silk Farm is located in Puok district just off National Road 6, so from Siem Reap downtown, it would take about 30-35 minutes to drive. There are two free shuttle buses from the Artisans Angkor boutique on Stung Thmey street in Siem Reap, which depart at 9.30 am and 1.30 pm to the silk farm. Whether you wish to have a private trip, you can take a tuk-tuk or a private car. On the way to the farm, you can enjoy the view of the vast and green paddy fields, the traditional wooden stilts houses…

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