Our codes of conduct

1. Sustainable and responsible tourism

Being a tour operator, we understand that sustainable tourism is not only a slogan but it is a solution for the industry in particular, and for the world in general. Sustainable tourism means to develop the industry without damage to the environment, economy or cultures of the locations that we visit, as well as to ensure that our activities are a positive experience for local people, tour companies and tourists. With this understanding, we try very much to reduce the negative impacts of tourism while giving as much opportunity to the local people as possible, empowering them and enabling them to enjoy the fruits of tourism directly. Responsible tourism is the code of our business and we encourage our travelers to act responsibly. While enjoying your holiday, just simply observe and respect local culture and people, their way of life and their environment. This enhances mutual understanding and brings us all to a higher status of joy.
Sustainable and responsible tourism requires co-operation between concerned partners, local governments, local people, travel companies and tourists, and it is simply the understanding of these ideas:

  • informing yourself of the culture, politics and economy of the communities visited
  • respecting local cultures and people
  • contributing to intercultural understanding and tolerance
  • supporting and contributing to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage
  • supporting local economies and enhancing the well-being of host communities
  • minimizing negative economic, environmental, and social impacts

So, as a saying goes: "Do not travel through one hundred countries with just one pair of eyes; the best journey is to travel through one country with a hundred pair of eyes".

2. Bring to people an Authentic Asia

What do you normally expect for your holiday? Of course, you expect an enjoyable, relaxing and interesting trip, but surely this is not enough for an "unforgettable holiday". We have tried to develop and promote a new form of tourism which brings the greatest possible benefit to both travelers and the host population without causing unacceptable ecological and social damage. On the one hand, you can see and enjoy a bustling city. On the other hand, you can get out of your comfort zone to go fishing with a local fisherman, help harvest crops with the farmer and eat a meal with his family or take part in the meditation ceremony organized by Buddhist monks. We take you to hidden places, away from the crowd. You will really have contact and interaction with locals. You can see and join in the authentic, local way of life. The idea is to enable our travelers to experience the world through the eyes of its local people while contributing directly to those people. Traveling with TAA, you can not only do and see what the other tourists do but also things they do not have any chance to do.

3. Create a unique way of travel

Our itineraries are built with extensive study about you--where you go, what you see, how you travel and who you meet. It is the combination of relaxed travel and great discoveries, adventure and comfort. Typical and unique are the seemingly contradictory attributes of each of our programs. Wherever you travel and stay, whatever you do, we try our best to help you to uncover all the hidden charms of the local countries and to make your holiday unique.

4. We work for a smaller planet

Travel Authentic Asia is created to carry out the mission of bringing people the message of a world where friendship and understanding prevail. We strongly believe that travel enriches our lives. We work to bring people closer to each other with our innovative style. Traveling with us, you get deeply in touch with people, through understanding and sharing. You will see things with vision, in depth. Your travel mate is now a family member, your host is now your friend - welcoming you to his home with rejoicing. Together we build a world where everyone knows each other, everyone is our friend; we share and live with understanding and friendship. This world has grown smaller, but we want to make it smaller still.

5. Deliver the ultimate travel experience

We live here and we are travel experts. We have extensive knowledge of the area that comes from years of experience leading and organizing tours around this very spectacular part of the world. With our experience and expertise, we are discerning and we completely understand your expectations and travel needs. Our dedicated team has defined our mission to bring you not only a good trip, but the holiday of a lifetime. We love what we do and are committed to a creative and innovative travel style. We have the passion to get travelers off the beaten track and want to develop a style of travel that enables our clients to become a part of the place and community we visit. We want to uncover and take you to all the special aspects of an area - its history, multi-ethnic culture, special cuisine and different way of life.