Myanmar is a country of many ethnic groups, each with its own distinct culture. The largest ethnic group is the Bamar people, who make up about two-thirds of the population. Each of these groups has its own language and customs, as well as a unique history and cultural identity. When visiting Myanmar, there are certain do's and don'ts to keep in mind. Respect the local culture and traditions to ensure a safe and enjoyable stay.

Dos and Don'ts in Myanmar


  • Do dress modestly - avoid wearing clothing that is too revealing or offensive. Skirts and shorts should end at least knee-length for women.
  • Do remove shoes when entering religious sites, homes, or businesses.
  • Do respect the local customs and traditions of Myanmar.
  • Do ask for permission before taking photos of people or places.
  • Do consume alcohol in moderation, if at all.
  • Do as Myanmar do, when in Myanmar.
  • Do demonstrate courteous and considerate behavior towards others will not only garner you respect but also create meaningful connections.
  • Do use your right hand while offering a supportive grip with your left when you receive something.
  • Do smile to encourage conversations with locals.
  • Do show respect to historical sites and get permission before entering areas rich in archeological, cultural, and spiritual significance.


  • Don't disrespect the Buddhist religion and culture.
  • Don't offend locals by being too loud or boisterous.
  • Don't purchase antiques or artifacts that are illegally traded.
  • Don't wear clothing with images or slogans that could be considered offensive.
  • Don't litter - dispose of waste properly and take responsibility for the environment.
  • Don't engage in any type of illegal activity - drug use and trafficking, human trafficking, etc.
  • Don't public displays of excessive emotion, whether prompted by anger or by love, are frowned upon.
  • Don't sit on pillows - only use them to rest your head.
  • Don’t point with your foot. In Myanmar, your feet should never face towards a family shrine or the Buddha.
  • Avoid trampling over these ancient ruins – they are precious reminders of our past and can be easily damaged.
Dos & Don’t in Myanmars