Approach Sustainability

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Being a responsible traveller, there are many way you can do and contribute to responsible and sustainable tourism.

With a little effort, you can help to change things better. When traveling, just take with you the awareness of what you do, how you behave and what you leave behind. We are fortunate to have chance to travel around while many other are not.

Responsible traveller is the one who during his/her visit to any place, leaves more positive impacts than negative one and helps to spread the values of equality, prosperity as well as the progress of the world community.

Travel with responsibility does not require much endeavour nor money but care and wisdom. It is the matter of how to act rightly and in accordance with general principles and common values. It is not to travel many places with one pair of eyes but one place with hundred pairs of eyes.

We travel around, learn and experience new things with an open mind. We view and observe facts/ events with altruistic outlook and any comment if there are, should be constructive.

We bear in mind that we just stay there a while but people live there and it is their home. So, we try not to upset their life or leave behind with negative impacts. We recognize that at many place we visit, local practices are not the same what from our home and people's living standard or standard of modern civilization may be different, too.

So, being a responsible traveller, the first thing you can do is to travel with an open mind and constructive manner.

Enjoy your travel experiences thoroughly but do not be excessive. Try to get familiar to local customs and make a smooth trip by observing local law and regulations.

As an ambassador of the place you come from, let people see and learn the good things from you through your actions and behaviors. Be a friend to get treated as a friend, not being the upper of ten thousand with a contemptuous glance then get the door shut. Let build up a friendly, cozy and full of affection atmosphere for you, for people and for all of us.

For the nature and einvironment, the responsible traveller behaves with care and respect. Go green is using natural resourses responsibly and making no damage to environment. Offseting for our carbon emission is the way to redeem for our contribution to global environmental problem.

Further more, responsible traveller knows that the distribution of resourses and advantage in this world is inequable so promoting fairness and sharing is what a responsible travellers can do.

If you are a farmer, you can share your working experiences with local famers to help them to work better on their farm.

You can share a little bit of your wealth to disavantage and disable people by supporting their business or donating to the funds to support them in the way of gaining better education, improving the local hyginic conditions, approaching better working methods and so on.

Being responsible traveller does not finish when your trip does. After returning home from your trip, what you can do is to tell your friends and people about the excellent travel experience you have just got. Your instructive and possitive comment about the places you had travel as well as your helpful travel tips will help to orient people about their travel. You yourself will probably be more aware of the environment, social, cultural and political problem that local communities face.

Let think more about these issues and together with the others you can help to make things change better.

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