Mondulkiri, the eastern province of Cambodia, is a paradise for those who love nature, the freedom of what is wild and rustic, and wake up early in the morning on the grassy hills. Let's dive into Mondulkiri travel guide with us to start an unforgettable journey!

About Mondulkiri

Many people when mentioning traveling to Cambodia only think of Sihanoukville island, palaces and pagodas in Phnom Penh, ancient temples in Siem Riep as well as the windy Bokor plateau. But hardly anyone knows that in the country also has a pristine plateau with a cool climate, with green steppe, vast pine forests and beautiful roads winding primeval forests and rolling hills and mountains.

Mondulkiri (or also known with its main town name’s Sen Monorom), is the eastern province of Cambodia, with sparsely populated mainly ethnic minorities. The capital is the town of Senmonorom. With mostly mountainous terrain from 800m upwards, the climate is cool all year round, with immense pine forests, rolling hills and 3 large waterfalls: Bou Sra Falls, Sen Monorom and DakDam Falls.

Although the province is sparsely populated, tourism has also grown quite strongly. The number of hotels, houses, and homestays have much developed in the last two years. Those who love nature, love the freedom of what is wild and rustic, wake up early in the morning on the grassy hills stretching endlessly on the coffee cup to welcome the dawn or the golden afternoons on the hillsides - will be 1 not bad choice is not it.

Weather and best time to go Mondulkiri

Because Mondulkiri province is located in the highlands with an altitude of 800 meters above sea level, the annual average temperature is lower than that of other parts of Cambodia. However, Mondulkiri still has 3 distinct seasons, including: the rainy season lasts from June to October with the average temperature is under 25 oC, the cool season is from November to February with temperature under 20oC and hot season lasts from March to May with temperature is between 20 - 30oC.

Basing on this weather conditions, you should visit Mondulkiri from October to Februrary because at this time, it’s not hot, the humidity is manageable and you will not worry about the rain in a day. The waterfalls in their full power, and the verdurous surrounding make it a great time to hike in the mountains and spot wildlife.


Things to see and do in Mondulkiri

Travel around Mondulkiri is not easy at all, even in dry season or in wet season. However, a visit to Mondulkiri offers adventurous travelers the chance to explore one of Cambodia's last wild frontiers, and experience a truly magical wilderness.You can experience many things in Mondulkiri.

Taing Laing Waterfall

Known as one of favorite destinations of nature and adventure lovers, Taing Laing waterfall is located about 60km from the town center of Senmonorom. Surrounding the waterfall is a beautiful forest, and there is also a pond underneath the waterfall, where tourists can swim if they wish. Especially, the route to the waterfall attracts visitors with its wonderfull tracks and small cliffs. There are also many trekking routes here and trekkers can also camp near the waterfall. However, most of hikers would take a day trip and will back to town for the night.

Chrey Thom Waterfall

As one of the loveliest attractions in Mondulkiri, Chrey Thom waterfall is located at Sen Monorum District, about 43km from the provincial town. Unlike some regular destination, the waterfall can be visited both in the dry season and the rainy season because in each season, it has a properly interesting feature.

Coming here, you can spend a day to admire the beauty of the waterfall with outstanding mountainous forest, magnificent undulating hills, fresh air around it and experience outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, … Besides, exploring the ethnic villages living in the Chrey Thom area with their daily work and culture is an exciting experience.

Waterfall in Mondulkiri

Plantation of Pinetree

Located about 6km from the the provincial town, Plantation of pinetree is an attractive destination with hundreds of towering pine tree.

People said that the pine trees have been planted before 1970, time that this province has been founded by Prince Norodom Sihanouk and his Sangkum Reastr Niyum regime.

Visiting pine forest, visitors can take a rest under the shade of trees to listen to harmonious melodies; catch cool breeze and enjoy the famous specialties of Mondulkiri people. In particular, this is a favorite place of many photographers, they come and almost immersed in the wonderful natural scenery here, always waiting and taking advantage of the wild angles but the simplest of the forests here. As a result, they can bring art and nature lovers unique photographs.

Phnom Prich Sanctuary

Located between the Srepok Wildlife Sanctuary and Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary in Mondulriki province, Phnom Prich Sanctuary is a famous attraction for its idyllic beauty of scenic landscape with rain forests and beautiful rivers.

The sanctuary is a great habitat of many species in the country, including mammals, birds and reptiles and some in endangered such as tiger, sword car, wolf, elephant Asia, crab monkey, and so on. This is also an important place for the local people living there because their life depends on the forests, moutains, rivers and the natural resources in the sanctuary.

Some activities can be done here such as seeing animals, enjoying moutain view with the fresh air, trekking on the path around forests or having a picnic, …

Phnom Nam Lear Sanctuary

Another famous Sanctury in Mondulkiri is Phnom Nam Lear Sanctury. It is located about 80 km from Provincial Town, in Pichinda District Border of Daklak Provinece (Vietnam).

This is one of the main wild life reserves in the province which is home to many species of flora and fauna in the country. The highlight of Phnom Nam Lear Sanctuary is the beautiful scenery and idyllic environment, which attracts both local people and foreign tourists.

Visit this sanctuary is an opportunity for tourists to explore nature with activities such as trekking and camping. If you would like to stay, there are small cottages.

Local market in Mondulkiri

Market Life of Hill Tribe People

Morning is the busiest time at many local markets in South-East Assia, especially in remote mountainous areas. At this time, people from hill tribe communities or from other areas will come to the market to sell their products and buy necessities.

It may be the best time for visitors to explore as well as take some shoots about their local life as well as their traditional costume, please remember to ask their permission before do it.

Pahlung Village

Located about 8km North of Sen Monorom town, Pahlung village is one of the well-known tourist places in Mondulkiri. The village offers visitors the beautiful rustic scenery with the diverse regional culture of the local people. You can see the forests surrounding the village, the winding trails, wonderfull waterfalls or the unique local huts and houses.

To get there, there are many ways such as taking a car, motorbike or having a unique trek with an elephant. A single day or half day is enough for you explore this place. If you plan a full day trips, do not prepare the provisions for camping.

How to get to Mondulkiri

Because there are any flights to Sen Monorom (Mondulkiri), so the main vehicles for visitors are private car, van or motocycle.

From Phnom Penh, depeding on traffic, it takes about 5-6 hours driving.

From Siem Reap, the road distance is over 500km, the whole journey can take from 7 – 11 hours. Because of a long distance, you can have stops in Kratie or Strung Treng on the route to Mondulkiri.

The most common itinerary: Siem Reap - Steung Treng - Banlung (Rattanakiri) - Sen Monorom (Mondulkiri) – Phnom Penh – Beach break in Sihanoukville or on island – Departure from Phnom Penh.

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