The awesome experiences in Luang Namtha

Located in the northwestern part of Laos, Luang Nam Tha is considered as a hidden gem with national parks, beautiful waterfalls and rural authentic life in the mountainous villages. If you are a nature lover, want to explore the pristine landscape, want to learn about the ethnic groups in the mountainous areas, this is an ideal destination in Laos trip.
Before planning your trip to Luang Nam Tha, you can refer our suggestions for an enjoyable experience not to be missed in this land.
1. Explore Nam Ha National park, trekking and go kayaking
Nam Ha National Park is one of the most easily visited nature reserves on arrival in Laos, located north of Luang Namtha, on the border of Laos and China.
With area of 2224 square km, the park is covered with lush forests around it, and is also home to many species of animals and plants. Here, you will have a chance to see some animals that need to be preserved and endangered such as tigers, leopards, etc. Don't be disappointed if they don't appear during the trip. Besides, the park is also home to a number of spoiled ethnic groups such as Lao Huay, Akha or Khamu.
A visit to Nam Ha NPA usually offers you some interesting activities such as trekking, bird watching or kayaking on Nam Ha river, the waterways of the park. Depending on the route, you might have an opportunity to see animals drinking and bathing in the river, so kayaking is a great alternative to a park trekking.
2. Admire the famous stupa
- That Phum Phuk
Located on a grassy hill, That Phum Phuk is the name of a famous stupa in Luang Namtha that was built in 2003. Although this stupa on display is actually a model of the original, it is always beautiful and has great historical significance, which is worth a see. Plus, since the temple is located on a hill, the view from above is really stunning, especially at the sunrise or sunset. You can enjoy the wonderful landscape of the northwest part of Luang Namtha.
- Golden Stupa
Golden Stupa, also known as Luang Namtha Stupa, is considered to be Namtha's most striking landmark. Located on a steep ridge northwest of town, the stupa gleams majestically with an impressive architecture and gold leaf under the sun. A visit to Golden Stupa, you can get a wonderful view of the city from the stupa, which is set at the top of the hill. Beside, if you still have time, you can explore a reclining Buddha as well as a small cave which are behind the stupa.

Temple in Luang Namtha

3. Have a trip to the waterfalls
If you want to escape the bustle and hustle of the city, making a trip to the waterfalls on the environs of Luang Namth is a not bad sugguestion. Some popular waterfalls are the Nam Dee Waterfall at Ban Nam Dee (about 6km outside Luang Namtha town), Tad Pha Yeung (about 40km from Luang Namtha town), Nam Keo Waterfall in Muang Sing, …
Each waterfall has a distinct beauty, but all offer you a beautiful natural scenery with high flowing down water, jungle embrace along the riverside and the fresh atmosphere. You can experience some outdoor activities such as walking in the trails, swimming under the falls, watching the birds and some animals, enjoying a picnic lunch or riding a cycle or motorbike to visit out to some of the villages around Luang Namtha and explore their life.
4. Explore the night market with local foods
Besides the daily activities, if you want to explore more deeply about the culture of Luang Namtha, you should not miss the night market. This is the best place to see the area's nightlife as well as a great place for you to enjoy local food.
Every day, ethnic minorities from surrounding villages bring their wares to the market to sell. You can find stalls with a wide variety of local products, including popular Lao dishes such as steaks, vermicelli or the specialties such as beetles, offal, soups made from animal bile and even chicken embryo. Please note that before buying anything you should ask first or it’s better than that you should go with a guide.

Visit Luang Nam Tha

5. Visit Ban Nam Dee villages
Located about 3km from Luang Namtha, Ban Nam Dee is a small village of the ethnic minorities of Lenten and Lao Huay. Coming to this village, you will see traditional Lao costumes, see the most authentic life of the rural people.
Besides, you will have the opportunity to explore the craft of paper making from bamboo and more of the local people. Especially, if you pay attention, you can see the papers that are dried in the sun on the river banks.
6. Have a bycle or motobycle trip in the surrounding area
There are many ways to visit and explore in Luang Namtha, but if you want a different experience during your trip, especially in the countryside, renting a motorbike or bicycle is an interesting idea.
You can ride a motorbike around the Luang Namtha valley area, to local villages and towns on the outskirts of the city called Muang Nalae, Vieng Phouka and Muang Sing. On the way, you can stop at any beautiful scenery to take pictures to capture the moment for the trip.
If traveling by bike, the distance for your trip is shorter, and a popular sightseeing route is the road from Luang Namtha that leads to the border with China. On this route, you can stop at Boten village to visit idyllic hillsides and sparkling rice fields.

Rafting in Luang Namtha

7. Take a boat trip
Luang Namtha is a great place for you to take a boat trip while traveling to Laos. As usual, it takes about 2 days from Luang Namtha to Huay Xai. But it will a very valuable time for you to have slow travel experiences on the water.
You will spend the day time exploring the landscape, the life of local people from the boat and spend the night resting on boat or camping in local villages. Perhaps this is an exciting trip for those who love or seek a sense of adventure.
However, please be aware of the boat ride time in Luang Namtha because there are rainy and dry seasons in this area. For the dry season, around November, the boat may be inactive because of the low river water level. So, please check carefully before planning your trip with this activity.
8. Enjoy an herbal sauna
Like many other regions of Laos, Luang Namtha is also known for its soothing herbal saunas that attract tourists. After each long day of sightseeing, this is one of the ways to help you relax and stay energized.
At here, the herbal rooms are heated by the central stove and divided into 2 separate sections for men and women. The steam generated by the stove and the medicinal herbs burned will help you enjoy a refreshing and cleansing the body. After a steam, you can also choose to add a full body massage.
With our above suggestions, hopefully you will be able to plan more details for your upcoming Luang Namtha trip. In particular, the trip will bring you unforgettable experiences with Travel Aunthentic Asia.

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