The most interesting activities in Pakse

As the charming capital of Champasak province in South Laos, Pakse attracts tourists to visit every year because of the beautiful scenery of the riverside town, visit Si Phan Don archipelago and Bolaven plateau, ancient temples and authentic life of local people.

There are many activities that you should not miss when traveling to Pakse. Here are interesting activities that Travel Authentic Asia recommends for you in your upcoming Pakse trip.

Admire the famous temples

Wat Luang

If traveling in Pakse, you should not miss Wat Luang because this is the most beautiful and largest temple in the area. This is also the residence of a number of monks, where famous Laos' almsgiving rituals take place.
Especially, if you are a person who love quiet space and wants to escape the noise of the streets, this is an ideal place because there are not many tourists gathered, so you will not have to compete with the crowd.

Wat Phou Salao

Located on a beautiful hill overlooking the Mekong River, Wat Phou Salao is a charming pagoda that attracts tourists located in Pakse. The highlight of that temple is the huge Buddha statue inside and the majestic scenery from the temple. The best time to visit Wat Phou Salao is in the afternoon, after exploring the temple you can enjoy the beautiful countryside sunset from the top of the hill.
Please note that you should prepare shoes, hats, water and other suitable items for the trip as you will have to climb long stairs and steep slopes to the temple.

Temple visiting in Pakse

Have a trip to sacred Heart Church

In the countryside in Pakse you can find scattered ancient temples, but if you want to look for differences in architecture, religion, you can visit the Sacred Heart Church.

From the outside, the church doesn't really stand out, but you will be surprised by the interior decorations. The highlight of the church are custom paintings such as Jesus visiting different regions in Laos such as the famous Wat Phu Champasak, Khon Phapheng Falls. Especially in the paintings is that Jesus also wears traditional regional clothing, which is also what attracts visitors to explore.

Have a trip to Mai Savanh Lao Farm

Located in Thateng, about 10km from Paske, Mai Savanh Lao Farm is a silk and tea farm founded and operated by an NGO.
The purpose of the farm is to support jobs and improve the life of ethnic minorities and disadvantaged people in the surrounding villages. Coming here, you can explore a variety of local plants such as tea, pepper, pineapple, mulberry plantations, ... You will also be introduced to the farm operation process. products on display. Perhaps you will gain a lot of interesting knowledge and experiences during this trip.

Pakse - Laos

Stroll along the banks of the Mekong in the evening

A new experience you should try in Pakse is to stroll along the banks of the Mekong River that flows through town at night. There is a riverside promenade that attracts many visitors here. There are also a number of street eateries around this street and a number of restaurants overlooking the river. This is also a good place for you to find the typical drink of the locality, Laos beer. This is one of the best things to do in Pakse!

Especially, if you want to enjoy a new space, you can have a dinner at the restaurants on the boat on the Mekong River.

Enjoy the Boat Race Festival

Every year, at the end of October, the Boat Race festival is held in Pakse (from 15th to 11st day of lunar month). This is a big festival lasting about 3 days with the main activity being the race of large boats rowing along the Xe Don river.

Besides, at the same time there is also a costume festival taking place in Pakse. After exploring the Boat Race festival, you can visit the markets, eat street food, enjoy music performances, art and other exciting activities.

Tasting food in Pakse

Try some Pakse street foods


This is a popular dish in Laos in general and Pakse in particular, so you can find noodles in many stalls or restaurants all over town. This dish is usually eaten with a variety of herbs that bring mild flavor, with nourishing uses for health. Only about 15 Kyt, you can enjoy a bowl of Pakse's signature delicious noodles.

The baguette:

Laos' history shows that the country used to be a former French colony, so the famous traditional bread in Pakse is understandable. You can easily see the breads being sold on carts around the street. As a snack, most baguettes consist only of bread stuffed with pork pate and local herbs. Besides, for those who are vegetarians, omelets and salads can be substituted.

Eat at Ban Tong night market:

If you would like to explore street food at night, Ban Tong market is a fun place to try. Although not being served carefully as a restaurant, you can absolutely enjoy the delicious local food.
The interesting thing is that you can choose the dish first, then witness it being cooked directly at the stalls. You can also take it way or walk to the Mekong river banks to sit and enjoy the food at nice spot.

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Explore Bolaven Plateau

Bolaven Plateau is one of the attractiive destinations to Pakse in particular and Laos in general. Made up of a vast plateau surrounded by forests, rivers and waterfalls, this place is a great place to visit for those who love exploring nature.

Trip to Bolaven Plateau not only offers visitors the beautiful landscape but also the culture of ethnic Laven group in Laos. There are some some traditional villages dotted around this plateau which help you explore the daily activities of local people, their language, traditional costumes, and so on. With all these conditions, discovering all of Laos' iconic beauty at the Bolaven Plateau is a must do things on your trip.

Pakse is not the most famous destination in Laos, but surely with interesting activities that we recommend, visitors will have big surprises and never regret coming to this beautiful land!

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