Trekking in Laos

Known as a landlocked country, Laos still attracts tourists every year because of its historical relics, natural landscapes and especially its ideal trekking routes.
This beautiful country is home to many pristine dense forests and remote areas where everything is reset and transportation is slow. If you pursue thrills and fun, try having a journey to the mountains and forests of Laos on a 1 to 3 days. The trip will include some activities such as visiting ethnic minority villages, exploring waterfalls and caves, bird watching and other wildlife and so on. For sure, all of those things will give you unforgettable knowledge and experiences.
Best time to go trekking in Laos 
With a tropical monsoon climate, weather in Laos is divided into two main seasons of the year: the rainy season and dry season.
The dry season usually lasts from October to May, but it is subdivided into 2 periods. From October to March, the weather is cool and pleasant, it’s the best time to have a trek here. But from March to May, the temperature can rise up to 40 o C, the broiling heat of the sun affects many activities during the day.
The rainy season lasts from June to September. At this time, the trails are slippery, difficult to transfer, especially not good for trekking trip around the forests.
Some famous places to go trekking
There are many trekking places in Laos, but if your time does not allow, you can refer some famous and ideal places as below:
- Tad Lo village in Salavan Province, 85 km away from Pakse.
- Bekeo Nature Reserve
- Nam Ha National Protected Area
- Kuang Si Fall
- The 100 Waterfalls
- Attapeu
- Trekking through Phongsali

Trekking in Luang Nam Tha

Some unique activities on trekking trips
- Watch and learn
As you cross the path, your short rest in the middle of the walking trails becomes more than small breaks - they turn into exciting demonstrations and educational experiences. You will learn what cardamom is, what plants you can eat, and which leaves are mirrored as a medical tool - for example, to stop bleeding.
- Lunch experience
The void is beautiful, surrounded by a circle of giant trees while you sit in the open space smashing into the middle of the scene. Before your lunch, you can take some photos with the trees, animals to capture the moment.
Because there are often few restaurants around the treks, most of the lunch will be prepared in advance, or cooked in a piece of bamboo and eaten on the spot as a picnic. Plus, you'll be quite surprised that when people around you can just take banana leaves from the forest and use them as temporary tables.
Before you eat, you're also taught how to make a leaf soup spoon! For this tour, you made it by hand and you quickly realized that Lao food is easy to eat this way, especially with the way their rice is.

Trekking experience in Luang Namtha

Things to Bring
To prepare for the trekking in Laos, it is best to bring a full set of supplies, including:
• A study pair of hiking shoes
• Bottle of water: it’s essential in all trips, especially when the temperature is high, your body will need a lot of water.
• Hat, sunglasses and sun protection shirt
• Mosquito repellant
• A swimming top: If you would like to swim or do kayaking on the stream, waterfalls or in the rivers
• Flashlight or torch: Because at night as there is no electricity and you can explore the dark caves, so it’s very important.
• Soap and shampoo for bathing
Each trekking route has its own interesting features and memorable trekking experience is one that brings you somewhere by surprise. Hope Laos will bring great things to your upcoming trip.

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