What to do for 2 days in Vientiane

Vientiane is one of the smallest capital cities you can visit in Asia. Not flashy like Bangkok or noisy like Hanoi, Vientiane does have its charms and yields surprises to those even if they only have a little time to explore. If you only have two days, here’s our suggestion for your itinerary.

Day 1 of Vientiane itinerary

Start your day with a caffeine kick at one of the city’s numerous cafes, many coffee shops using coffee beans grown in Laos. It can be considered the best cup of coffee and croissant that you can have in Southeast Asia. Another option is Lao coffee on the side of the road. Prepare yourself a dose of concentrated coffee with sweetened condensed milk.

After breakfast, rent a bicycle and get ready for a day of cycling around town. Visit a few of the must-visit temples, including Wat Sisaket, Wat Ho Phra Kaew and if you’re up for a quiet, green place away from town, Wat Sokpaluang.


For lunch, find yourself a delicious, satisfying, and cheap bowl of noodle soup.

Step on Lane Xang and stop to take photos at Patuxai. Climb into Vientiane’s private Arc de Triomphe to see the city. Roll along to That Luang stupa, the glittering golden symbol of Laos, and is one of the country’s most important cultural attractions.

Spend 30 minutes to an hour at the COPE Visitor Centre learning about the devastating US bombing campaign into the country, the current issue with UXO pollution, and how it helps people surviving or anyone with disabilities with prosthetics and rehabilitation. A visit to the COPE center is an absolute must while in Vientiane.

At the end of the day. Go to any of the top picks for sunset by the Mekong River. Grab a cold beer at a local beer bar on the river bank, build a sand stupa, watch street vendors set up for night market, or if you are still energetic, join the public aerobics class.

Nights in Vientiane are always outstanding. Vientiane has delicious Lao cuisine and outstanding international dining options. For Lao food, try street trolleys, local grill joints, or for a restaurant setting, go to Makphet, Pha Kao Lao, or Amphone.

Vientiane has several famous French restaurants, and you won’t go wrong with the classic bistro fare on offer, and other dishes are also excellent. How about Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Belgian, or even Brazilian? Those craving something other than sticky rice, get a pizza that rivals any in Italy at Ai Capone. Those wanting steak or tapas, head to Pimenton. If you’ve never tried nem nuong, it’s a must. Go to Viengsavanh.

Vientiane tour

Day 2 of Vientiane itinerary

When the second day starts, it’s time to stimulate the body and mind. Connect with Lao traditional arts with a tour and natural dyes class at the Houey Hong Vocational Training Centre for Women. If handicraft isn’t your thing, sign up for a cooking class or cycling, mountaineering, and kayaking in the Phou Khao Khouay National Park, just two hours away. Shop for handicrafts or walk through the morning market. And if you need a cooling off, refresh yourself at one of Vientiane’s swimming pools.

At the end of the afternoon and you’ll find yourself attracted to the Mekong. On your way there, walk through the bats to hear chanting from evening prayers. Although the city is racing towards modernity and development, there are remained old traditions.

Bar in Vientiane

To your last night here, turn it into a lively night. Start at some of the upscale bars for a big glass (or two) of wine or a good cocktail. Jazzy Brick, I-Beam, Dresden Lao, and The Spirit House all have happy hour. When the night falls, slide on down the stairs, you find yourself at the end of a vibrant local bar or nightclub. After that, you could make new friends and maybe you would find yourself in a karaoke bar singing Hotel California and drinking Spy coolers. Have fun! But remember, it all ends with a curfew. Like Cinderella, when the clock hits the 12, hurry home.

Vientiane is a charming and laid-back city that offers visitors a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage and relaxed lifestyle of Laos. In just two days, you can explore some of the city's top attractions, from the historic temples and monuments to the vibrant markets and delicious food scene. Let's start your Laos adventure in Vientiane now!

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