Chiang Mai - Rose of The Northern Thailand

Chiang Mai is one of the leading tourist destinations in Thailand. Unlike the modern and hustle city of Bangkok or Pattaya, Chiang Mai attracts visitors by its ancient and peaceful beauty with traditional culture. Surrounding Chiang Mai are mountains that is suitable for nature lovers. This was once the capital of the Lanna Kingdom where the culture is very unique. There are also many attractive temples for visitors.

Dubbed as the rose of Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai offers plenty of exciting experiences. Many who come here return again and again, or stay for years even they had meant to stay only for a few weeks. Simply they come here to seek a trekking adventure or a spiritual awakening as they travel from temple to temples, enjoy street food, join a Thai cooking class or find natural perfection with forests, mountains or animals.

Best time to visit Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai has 2 distinct seasons: dry season (from November to June), rainy season (August to October). Dry season is divided into cool and hot periods. The cool period is from November to February with max temperature around 25°C and min temperature 15°C in the city area. The hot season is from March to June with the temperatures from 25-40 °C.

The best time, as well as the peak season for visiting Chiang Mai is November to January. This is the only time of year when daytime temperatures dip below 30°C, it’s cool and dry. It’s suitable for adventure activities here such as trekking, trekking and elephant care, zipline zip-line riding, cycling,… However, many visitors plan their trip by the festival calendar with famous events such as Ly Krathong in November, the Chiang Mai Flower Festival in February and Inthakin in May.

Rainy season lasts from July to October. The temperature is over 30°C. Rainfall is usually heaviest in September. This time is not favorable to explore natural places but if you have a plan to Chiang Mai, you can explore cuisine or experience local culture, very interesting.

Attractive destinations of Chiang Mai

Wat Doi Suthep and old city Temples

If you are visiting Chiang Mai for the first time, you should visit Wat Phra That Doi Suthep (referred to as Doi Suthep). The journey to the beautiful city of Chiang Mai will not be complete without visiting this place. Especially for photography enthusiasts will have wonderful unforgettable moments observing the special beauty of the temple.

Thailand Chiang Mai, Wat Phra That Doi Suthep
Wat Phra That Doi Suthep

This mountain temple is located 15 km from Chiang Mai city, with spectacular view where you can’t see from almost anywhere in the city. Most visitors to Thailand don't even know that it's one of the most sacred temples in Thailand, but above all in terms of religious significance and great beauty, this is a truly surprising destination which has a lot of interesting things for not only history lovers but also ordinary tourists.

Besides, Chiang Mai is home to a lot of famous temples which you can visit such as: Wat Sri Suphan, Wat Chedi Luang, Wat Phra Singh, Wat Chiang Man, Wat Pan Tao

Chiang Mai Night Safari

Officially opened in 2006, Chiang Mai Night Safari is the world's second night zoo after the Singapore's. At here the animals live in the natural environment and as close as possible. Today, the zoo is nurturing and conserving more than 700 wildlife species, including rare species like the jaguar, white tiger or koalas, big-legged kangaroos, hyenas, and white rhinos, ...

With 300 hectares of natural land surrounded by Doi Suthep-Pui National Park, the Chiang Mai night safari will bring you a journey to discover and learn about wildlife in the most authentic way. Not only that, the modern lighting system and the special performances are also make this place as a top destination of the tourist city of Chiang Mai.

Doi Inthanon National Park

Be a part of the Himalayas and the highest peak in Thailand, with a height of 2565 meters above sea level, Doi Inthanon National Park is known as one of Thailand's largest national parks with a variety of rare flora and fauna, an eco-tourism site, which is famous for plenty of natural waterfalls and caves, old-growth forests...

Doi Inthanon National Park covers an area of 482.4 square kilometers, spread over three districts of Chiang Mai province. This site also attracts tourists who love the altitude, because here is the highest Inthanon peak in the country, with an altitude of 2,565m above sea level. Enjoying the beautiful scenery of Doi Inthanon National park with your family or friends is an experience that you will be definitely unforgettable.

Thailand Chiang Mai, Doi Inthanon National Park
Doi Inthanon National Park

The elephant sanctuaries

Thailand is one of the best countries to observe wild elephants. However, activities that are considered as animal cruelties such as riding an elephant are not recommended.

Chiang Mai Elephant Sanctuaries provides a safe home for elephants. These sanctuaries will give you an opportunity to walk alongside these gentle giant elephants, take care of and feed them.

Thailand Chiang Mai, Elephant Sanctuaries
In Chiang Mai Elephant Sanctuaries, we say no to elephant abuse.

Saturday night market walking street

Chiang Mai is a destination with many interesting night markets, of which certainly must mention Saturday Night Market. Located on Wualai Road (Wualai Road), the market is also known as Wualai Walking Street. It starts from late afternoon and continues until around 22:30 on Suturday. In the market, tourists could find food, handicrafts, or all sorts of interesting things in the world. You can buy some lovely souvenirs and handicrafts at this market when traveling to Chiang Mai.

Thailand Chiang Mai, night market
Chiang Mai night market

Interesting activities in Chiang Mai

Join a Thai Cooking class in Chiang Mai

Thai cuisine is famous for many different flavors such as spicy, sour and sweet of different herbs. It will be a shortcoming if you visit Chiang Mai without having yourself a practical experience about Thai cuisine.

There are many cooking classes which are held at local houses in rural areas. You can go to the market to buy ingredients then learn to make Thai food. After that, you can enjoy your self-cook dishes. It’s great that you can recreate these dishes when you come back home.

Thailand Chiang Mai, cooking class
Thai Cooking class

Go for a swimming at Chiang Mai’s Grand Canyon

If you've heard of the extremely famous Grand Canyon in America, one of the world's most beautiful landscapes, you also can admire such a wonder. Hang Dong Quarry, well-known as the Chiang Mai’s Grand Canyon is not a giant cave, but it is beautiful enough to catch every visitor’s eyes. About 45 minutes driving from Chiang Mai city, you can easily reach here. It’s not only the place to take great photos, sight-seeing, many visitors have come here to enjoy swimming in the cool, clear water. You can test their courage by jumping from the cliff with 5m long. And please note that you must be a good swimmer. This feeling is extremely refreshing and exciting.

Get a massage

Whether you’re in Chiang Mai for a short holiday or for a long-stay, trying a massage should be on your to-do list. Most local massage styles here are based on Thai traditional or ancient Thai massage with common types such as: traditional Thai massage, foot massage, herbal ball massage, oil massage,… You will be relaxing after the long flight, long trip and reduce stress.

a Thai expert is doing massage technic to relieve neck paint
Trying Thai massage is a unique experiences that you should have when visiting Thailand

Try specialties of Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai attracts visitors not only by the beautiful scenery, but also by the delicious food with unmistakable flavors. Nothing can clearly show that you are in Chiang Mai by enjoying Khao Soi, crispy fried noodles with a highlight of curry, a specialty of this place. This dish that you can find at anywhere from luxury hotels and restaurants to local stall on the market. You can refer some famous dishes such as: Sai Oua, a celebrated Chiang Mai sausage; Gaeng Hang Lay Moo, Northen pork with ginger curry; Nam prik (Northen Thai Chili dips); Tam Khanun (jackfruit salad), Wild Thai mushrooms and some Isaan foods such as Som Tam salad (green papaya salad) or Kai Yang Nung Krob (grilled chicken), …

Thailand Chiang Mai, khao soi
A food adventure is waiting for you in Chiang Mai

Travelling to Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is located about 800 km north of Bangkok city. To get to Chiang Mai from Bangkok you can go by train, bus or plane. However, both the train and the bus trip can be made overnight, the best and fastest option for you is flight.

There are not many direct flights from other countries to Chiang Mai, so you should have flight to Bangkok and get a connecting flight. Chiang Mai airport is located a short distance from the city center, it’s about 10 minutes driving to your hotel.

In case you would like to have an interesting experience on the train in Thailand, you can book the overnight train ticket from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. It takes about 12 hours travelling, when you wake up, you are entitled to a fantastic view of the Thai countryside.

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