Responsible travel style

Grassroot travel

Our travel services are based on local community and focus on cultural, environmental and social responsibility that is beneficial for both locals and our travellers. We work and travel in responsible way, minimize the negative impacts and maximize the benefits to the host communities and regions we travel through. Travel Authentic Asia aims to enrich our clients with authentic local experiences through interactions and mutual understanding. We pledge to promote the sustainability of the tourism industry and at the same time enhancing opportunities for local people to get benefited from the industry.

Responsible travel policy

Travel Authentic Asia operates our business with a strong impress of Responsible Travel. These guidelines are standards of behavior we expect from people on our trip.


Responsible travel guidlines

We believe that responsible tourism is the key to sustainable development, enhancing our client’s benefit and promotes the progress of local communities we get involved.


Responsible travel tips

Here are Travel Authentic Asia’s responsible travel advices for you. Travel with inspiration and a little effort, you will be rewarded. Make your holiday an experience of a lifetime!

How we're doing
Sustainable travel

Approach Sustainability

Being a responsible traveller, there are many way you can do and contribute to responsible and sustainable tourism. With a little effort, you can help to change things better.


Sustainable developement

TAA assumes our responsibility and has taken all necessary measures to empower our staff, clients and local communities to participate in sustainable development

Sustainable development
Go green

Go green

Together with our partners, local authorities, local people and organizations, we work and contribute to the progress of preserving natural environments, promoting carbon offset by calculating the itinerary on how to minimize carbon emissions to smallest possible portion at the same time ensuring comfort for our clients.

Projects we support
Blue Drangon Children foundation
Community based tourism Tan Lac
Koto foundation
Hope for Cambodia Children
Chilren Hope in Action - Hoi An
Artisans D'angkor