This week Laos and China open their shared border

05 January 2023

On Sunday, a long-awaited gateway between Laos and China will swing open for international travel - the historic Boten-Bohan border crossing. This reconnection of two countries is sure to strengthen their existing bond as they welcome travelers from near and far!

The Chinese government recently announced an accommodating update to their policy on Covid-19 prevention and control, ushering in a much-anticipated reopening of the international border. Yesterday's announcement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is sure to be celebrated around the world as borders open up again!

After months of strict lockdown, travelers will be able to move freely in and out of the border starting 8 January!

As many Southeast Asian countries prepare for a surge in Chinese travellers, the exciting news of new flight routes opening up between China and multiple nations brings hope of increased visitation to this vibrant region. After the Laos-China border reopens, an exciting new possibility arises: hopping on a train to journey from one country to the other! But with so much still up in the air, it remains uncertain if travellers will be able to explore this unique path or not.

The Laotian Ministry of Public Security recently declared that, commencing December 15th 2022, all foreign workers visiting the country must procure Covid-19 insurance coverage to gain entry.

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