Cambodia: When to go?

Cambodia is famous for its ancient temples, beautiful islands and many wonderful beaches. The country has a treasure trove of rich cultural heritage, you won't want to miss on your list of destinations. Not the hustle bustle of big cities, Cambodia's favourite places are the local towns, villages and small islands. From tropical jungles to sprawling white-sandy beaches, Cambodia is full of amazing attractions just waiting to be discovered. Join Travel Authentic Asia - the best travel operator of Cambodia Vietnam Tours, to explore when is the best time to go to Cambodia.

Choosing the right time to travel to Cambodia is key to comfortably exploring the well-known tourist attractions and enjoying the unique cuisine in “The Land of Pagodas”.

The climate in Cambodia is relatively similar to Vietnam, but somewhat hotter. The average temperature is about 26.7 degrees Celsius. Therefore, when traveling to Cambodia, you should be careful to avoid periods of intense heat.

Best time to travel to Cambodia

Cambodia is located in the tropical monsoon climate zone, characterized with two typical seasons: the dry season and the rainy season. The dry season lasts from December to May each year, influenced by the dry northeast monsoon, so the weather is very pleasantly cool and with little rain suitable for sightseeing activities. The hot sub-season lasts from March to May. It’s a good time to travel to Cambodia. The weather is settled; the temperature rises to about 35 - 40 degrees Celsius. Traveling to Cambodia at this time, you will be able to attend many traditional festivals and activities; unique cultural events. The rainy season is from June to November. Heavy rainfall sometimes lasts for almost a month, in which heavy floods can result in July and August. You should avoid traveling to Cambodia at this time, because heavy rains may disrupt your trip.

The ideal time to travel to Cambodia is the period from November to February each year. At this time the weather is mild, sunny, not too hot, with little rain. In addition, every April is the Khmer New Year, so there are many festivals in Cambodia. From mid-November each year, there is a water procession and boat racing festival.

Cambodia When to go

To determine when is the best time to travel to Cambodia, in more detail, you should check the specific weather for each month and be prepared to bring weather-appropriate clothing. Whether traveling to Cambodia in the hot sub-season or the cool sub-season, it still has a high temperature, so you should bring sunscreen clothes, sunglasses, hats and sunscreen. If you go to sacred places such as temples and palaces, you should dress modestly and politely. Additionally, you should bring sports shoes, flip-flops or sandals with soft soles footwear appropriate  for walking.

Hopefully, the above advice will help you answer the question of when’s best to travel to Cambodia. The most beautiful and suitable time for you to travel to Cambodia for memorable experiences.

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