Cambodia - weather & travel conditions in January


Weather in Cambodia during January is very good. The country is now in full mode of dry season with blue skies, bright sunshine, very little or no rain and low humidity, promising good travel condition.

Though there is a slight difference between places to places but in general, the temperatures throughout the country are quite moderate.

best time to visit cambodia

The capital city Phnom Penh and her neighboring areas such as Kampong Cham, Kampong Thom are basking in sunshine with the average temperature is at around 31oC (87.8oF), the same as in the southwestern coast around Koh Kong, Kampong Som and Kep.

Siam Reap enjoy better weather with temperature around 29-30oC (84.2-86oF) and less humid whilst Banlung, Ratanakiri in the northeastern part enjoys the best weather with 8 hours of sunshine daily, very little rain and temperatures stay at around 28oC (82.4oF).


New Year Day

best time to visit cambodia

Celebrated as elsewhere in the world but just considered a public holiday than a festival. There are some activities including firework at the New Year’s Eve in cities and towns and alms giving to monks at designated temples. Of course, festive atmosphere and activities for tourist and expats can be found in bars, clubs and big hotel at tourist sites.

Victory Day

It is organized on 7th January to celebrate the liberation of the Cambodian people from the Khmer Rouge genocidal regime. Government events and rallies are held on this day to commemorate the Khmer Rouge's victims.

How to do and what to expect if travel to Cambodia in January

best time to visit cambodia

January is no doubt a good time to visit Cambodia thanks to the temperate climate and dry condition.

Your itinerary can be easily planed with all the highlights throughout the country, depending on how much time you have and how detailed the country you want to discover. This time is proved to be suitable for adventure activities such as biking overland or at sites and trekking in the remote regions. Beaches in the south coast promise good swimming and relax and should be put at the end of the itinerary if you travel in Cambodia only.

Just dress loose fitting and drink enough water. A noon break between your visits is recommended.

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