Laos - weather & travel conditions in January


January is considered amongst the best month to travel in Laos as the weather condition is so favorable.
In the northern mountain part of Laos including Luang Nam Tha, Houay Xai, Phong Sa Ly, Pakbeng and Oudomxay etc… the weather is dry and rather cool during daytime and can get cold at night. Average temperature stays at around 24oC. Further south a bit to Luang Prabang and Houaphan, temperature is higher at around 26oC.
In the Centre of Laos including Vang Vieng, Vientiane, Xiang Khoang (plain of Jars) the weather is quite moderate with the temperature stays at around 27oC.
Southern part of Laos including the areas of Savannakhet & around Champasak (Pakse, and 4000 island) the temperature is warmer in comparison to the other parts of the country, staying somewhere between 29-30°C. 


New Year day
Like elsewhere in the World, the New Year days also celebrated in Laos. Though not as important as the traditional and national Laos New Year called Pi Mai, the 1st of Jan is a public holiday in Laos. During this time you will see, especially in cities many festive activities such as music performances, gathering and so on. In tourist sites, there are also programs for tourist organized by hotels, bars and restaurants.

How to do and what to expect if travel to Laos in January

It is great idea to travel in Laos this time. An extensive itinerary can be made with all the highlights of Laos from the mountain north to bottom south with a combination of activities.  
If you plan to make an adventure to the mountainous north of the country where the weather normally drops cold at night then suitable warm clothing is recommended.

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 Luang Prabang
 Muang Sing
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