Laos - weather & travel conditions in September


Weather of September is somewhat better than that of previous month with rainfall slightly goes down in most of places. Temperatures stay quite the same with August and you can expect lots of dry days and brilliant sunshine.
In the mountainous north of the country including areas of Luang Nam Tha, Phong Sa Ly and Oudomxay, temperatures range between 29-30oC but rainfall is on its great decrease  especially toward the end of the month, only around 150mm.
In Luang Prabang, the number of rainy days drops down to 10+ and total precipitation also decrease to 150 from 280mm of the August. Average temperatures remain high during daytime (31oC) but much cooler when nights fall.
Weather in Vientiane and its neighboring areas slightly changes with both rainfall and number of rainy days whilst temperatures stay around 30oC.
In the southern part of Laos including the areas of Savannakhet & around Champasak (Pakse, and 4000 island) the rain is now less constant and temperatures stay around 30oC.  


Boun Khao Padabdin Festival
Organised around early September in Luang Prabang and surroundings. During the festival, people visit local temples to make offerings to dead ancestors as well as to share merit-making. This festival includes boat racing on the Nam Khan River and a trade fair.

Boun Khao Salak Festival
Held nationwide, during the festival offerings will be made for deceased ancestors to obtain merit. Popular and exciting longboat-racing competitions are held to celebrate the River. This festival is held during the tenth full moon of the lunar calendar.

How to do and what to expect if travel to Laos in September

Travel to mountainous and remote regions is difficult at times since the road condition is not really good and somewhere may be inaccessible.
Vientiane, Luang Prabang and some other sights in central Laos still a good choice by time.
In the south, natural landscape is now fresher and region's waterfalls are at their best. Highlights such as the 4000 Islands, Bolaven Plateau and Champasak also remain very accessible and enjoyable.

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