Champasak is a small sleepy town located in Southern Laos (around 30 kilometers from Pakse), on the West banks of the mighty Mekong river, and is the capital of Champasak province. The town is historic, charming and a bit off-the-beaten-track in comparison with other popular tourist trails in Laos.

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1400 years ago, Champasak was once the center of power in the lower Mekong regions, an important settlement of the Khmer Angkor Empire and later one of the three main kingdoms to administer the Lane Xang’s remains. The lovely town’s single road stretching along the river dotted with colonial mansions, lined with Chinese shops and traditional wooden houses.

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The most attractive thing that draws tourists here is the UNESCO World Heritage site Wat Phu, an ancient Khmer/Hindu temple. There are also other nearby Buddhist temples and the Khon Phapheng Falls that are worth paying a visit during your stay in Champasak. A biking trip on dusty roads leading to the peaceful local villages on the outskirts gives you an opportunity to get more knowledge about Laos traditional culture. Colonial architecture available almost everywhere throughout the town makes it a perfect place to relax with delicious typical food and a cold Beerlao after a day exploring the surroundings.

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The nearest town to Champasak is Pakse, which has an airport operating flights from Luang Prabang, Vientiane, and Savannakhet. From Pakse, you can use a private car as it takes only 40 minutes’ driving. To get around the town, it is easy to go on foot or ride a bike.

Climate, the best time to visit Champasak

Champasak has a tropical climate. The dry season is quite hot and partly cloudy. The wet season is muggy and misty. The average temperature of the area ranges from 19 °C to 35 °C. The best time to visit Champasak is the months from October to April when the weather is cool and pleasant.

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