Lying on the mighty Mekong River with the border of Nakhon Phanom province (Thailand), Khammouane is a province in the Central of Laos (215 km from Savannakhet, 420 km from Vientiane/Pakse) and is densely covered in the lush forest. The capital Thakhek and its colonial history clearly show on the town’s ancient French architecture.
The main terrains of Khammouane province are forested limestone mountains, which create spectacular scenery for the region. Tobacco production and agricultural activities are the main earns of local people living here. The popular attractions of Khammouane province that have been visited by more tourists are the Tham Khonglor cave within the forest area, Tad Kham waterfall and Tad Nam Khengkam waterfall, the ancient Wat Pha Sokkhamsene temple, That Thumphavang stupa, Tham Nang cave, the Great Wall, and the Hin Nam No National Protected Area.

Khammouane 1

Traveling to Khammouane province, besides admiring the beautiful nature, you will have the opportunities to find out how people have lived here during the war over hundreds of years, discover the legend of the mystical land which is home to special animals, meet local people to hear their historical stories and traditional culture, or simply soak in the cool water.

Nang Aen Cave

To get to the capital of Khammouane, the most comfortable way is to get a private car from Vientiane, Savannakhet, Pakse, Attapeu, Salavan, and Sekong. The region is also connected with Nakhon Phanom province via the Friendship Bridge with available visas on arrival.

Ban Nahin

Climate, the best time to visit
In Khammouane, the wet season has lots of rain and the dry season is partly cloudy. The average temperature of the province ranges from 16 °C to 32 °C. The best time to visit Khammouane province is the monsoon season lasting from October to late February when the weather is cool sees less chance of rainfall.