The Living Land Farm

Situated in Ban Phong Van and lying just 5 kilometers apart from Luang Prabang center, the Living Land Farm is founded in 2005 by a group of local people, with the purpose to make better use of their land, share experiences with others through educational programs and build an organic vegetable garden. Over the years, this place has developed into the community farm craft center and organic farming right by the side of the local rice paddies.

Farming activity at The Living Land Farm

Coming to the Living Land Farm, besides having the chance to capture the beautiful natural landscapes of the area, you will also get more knowledge about the traditional growing method of Laos farmers (ancient rice farming), bamboo weaving, tool and trap making gardening, or even blacksmith. Furthermore, you will have a memorable and interesting time while working and interacting with local farmers who plant and supply chemical-free products for restaurants in the city. This outdoor day trip attracts all tourists, especially family traveling with children. All of the members can take part in the activity with lots of photo opportunities which makes it become a perfect family experience.

Living Land Farm - Laos

In general, a trip to the Living Land Farm offers a unique experience, for real local life, local food with typical Lao dishes served in traditional style and support local people. Partly of profits is reserved to get back to the community to support disadvantaged locals, especially children in poor families, people with low educational skills or physical handicaps, etc. You can choose between several options tours at the Living Land Farm: half-day, full-day, with or without lunch. Due to the limits of available seats, it is preferable to book the tour in advance.