Vang Xang

Vang Xang is a beautiful archeological site near an elephant cemetery located on the road to Vang Vieng. This site was a Buddhist sanctuary during the 11th century when the Hindu Khmer and the Buddhist Monks administered the Southeast Asia regions. Nowadays, Vang Xang is the main concern of excavation-supported programs implemented by the General Directorate of Heritage of Laos.

Vang Xang 1

Traveling here, the most remarkable attraction waiting for tourists to explore is a group of five mysterious Buddha sculptures carved into the rocks among the woods. Its name translated to English is “Elephant Palace”. No one knows the exact origin and who created these sculptures. People guess the time they appeared is during the period of the 10th to the 16th century. The biggest statues are around three meters’ height while the smaller ones are found in the surroundings. If taking a thorough look at the rocks, tourists can see fewer Buddha carvings hidden behind the lush green trees.

Vang Xang laos

Overgrown with vegetation, Vang Xang seems to be forgotten and abandoned. The peaceful scenery and serene impression are the things that you can feel once coming to this quiet area. Besides admiring the ancient site, tourists also have the opportunity to visit local villages to learn more about their traditional lifestyle and take amazing photos to cherish the memorable moments.

The closest town to Vang Xang is Vang Vieng. The site is easily accessed by getting a private car and the ride from Vang Vieng only takes around 1 hour. The best time to visit Vang Xang is during the dry season lasting from October to March when the weather is pleasant and sees less chance of rainfall.

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