Blue Lagoon

Located in the West of Vang Vieng, Blue Lagoon is one of the famous attractions to relax and cool off with its appealing azure waters.

Coming to Blue Lagoon, you can see the lagoon’s name represents exactly what you’ll find there. The water is so blue, clear that you can see the fishes swimming in the bottom. Besides, this destionation offers you a great atmostphere to swim, play games or other water activities. You can also rent a tent to sleep, lie on the grass to sunbath or have meals. In addition, at Blue Lagoon, there are also a water slide, a long zip-lining course and the Phu Kham Cave for adventure lovers.

Blue Lagoon, Vang Vieng

The best time to visit and swim here is from October to March when the water is very nice and actually blue. It is only a 20-minute ride from town, you can explore Blue Lagoon easily on Vang Vieng daily tours.

Blue Lagoon

Most of tourists who come to Vang Vieng know the original Blue Lagoon which is the most famous and closet destination we mentioned but not many people know that there are more blue lagoons. For example, Blue Lagoon 2 which is a 40-minutes ride from Vang Vieng is sunny and quiet, suitable for people who want to relax in peace. Another lagoon, Blue Lagoon 3, is an hour away from Vang Vieng and is fairly shaded as the sun is blocked in the afternoon by a large karst mountain, so the water can be chilly.

Each lagoon in Vang Vieng offers completely different experiences. If you can arrange a time and would like to explore futher, you can visit three of them. But if not, the main Vang Vieng Blue Lagoon is also an interesting and memorable destination in your trip.

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