Don Khong

Don Khong, the largest of the 4000 islands group, is located in Khong district (Champasak province), on the mighty Mekong river, and is home to around 60,000 people residing in the 2 main villages Muang Saen and Muang Khong. Many tourists choose this wide river island as a base to explore the nearby Don Khon and Don Det islands.

Don Khong 1

Although there is not any sea in Laos, Don Khong is regarded as a small beach of the country. The special thing that makes Don Khong different from other islands is some fantastic hills rising above sea level, which makes the landscapes more picturesque. Additionally, the island is also known for owning legendary Buddhist temples, some dated back to the 6th or 7th century. Other interesting attractions in Don Khong are Don Khong history museum, Wat Phou Khao Kaew with a golden Buddha statue lying on the hilltop, Wat Chom Thong, Phou Khiaw cave, Muang Khong market, and Khon Phapheng falls.

Don Khong 2

Under the shaded trees in the forest, you can see some peaceful villages where you are able to take biking trips to meet local people, explore their daily life, enjoy local cuisine, and contemplate the traditional wooden houses painted in white and blue colors. If you are only staying on Don Khong, it is worth making a day trip to Don Khon to discover the Li Phi waterfalls, spot the Irrawady dolphins, and the old French railroad’s remains.

Don Khong 3

Pakse is the closest town to Don Khong. The Pakse International Airport operates flights connecting Vientiane, Luang Prabang, and Savannakhet. From Pakse or Champasak, the most convenient way is to get a private car to reach Nakasong where you board a ferry to get to the island’s main town. To get around Don Khong, you can walk on foot or rent a bike to slowly discover the sites on your own.
Climate, the best time to visit
Don Khong’s tropical weather is generally warm all around the year with an average temperature of around 15°C to 38°C. The best time to visit Don Khong is the months from November to March when the weather is pleasant and the humidity is pleasurable. The hot season from late March to May is still acceptable as you can soak in the water to cool off anytime you want.