The province of Salavan is located in an area that spreads from Laos' eastern border with Thailand to the western border with Vietnam. The province is presented with its spectacular mountainous scenery, waterfalls, and the diversity of the ethnic groups living here and their culture.

Its same-named capital city is right at the center, about 100km to the Vietnamese border and 125km from Pakse.

This place is a paradise for adventurous souls for sure.


Salavan province includes Phu Xieng Thong National Biodiversity Conservation Area, covering nearly 1,000 sq km in the western part of the province, next to the Mekong river. The Area is well known for its rich fauna and flora system.

Tad Lo, the best-known attraction in the province is a beautiful, multi-tiered waterfall surrounded by freshly lush greenery, both in nature and the resorts and guesthouses around. At Tad Lo, you can rent a bicycle, enjoy nature walks and venture out to surrounding villages on the Bolaven Plateau. East of Tad Lo and the provincial capital are Ta Oy and Samoui Districts, populated mostly by Mon-Khmer-speaking ethnic groups. Here you can meet the traditional longhouses that may house up to 45 people. A great idea for the trip to Ta Oy is trekking to Xe Lanong to watch birds and walk to the La Lao Waterfall. Crisscrossing the eastern half of the province is the famous Ho Chi Minh Trail network, which is still in use today as a link between remote villages. Along the trail, you can see extensive evidence of the heavy aerial bombardment this part of the country suffered during the Second Indochina War.

salavan market

On the Mekong is Khongsedone District, maker of some of the most potent Lao Lao whiskey in the country. Khongsedone has many unusual rock formations along the Mekong valley, the best known among them is Phou Lahit and its prehistoric rock paintings.

To get to Salavan, you can choose a sleeper bus from Vientiane and arrive the next morning. There is also a shorter bus route from Pakse to Salavan.

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