Located on the way from Luang Prabang to Huay Xai in Northern Laos, Pakbeng is a small rural town that many tourists choose as a perfect stop to break their trip when traveling between these two destinations. For this reason, there are not many tourist sites in Pakbeng, which adds to its overall primitive beauty.

Pakbeng 1

For centuries, the Mekong river was the unique option and picturesque route for cargo transportation and hence remains a popular spot for people who wish to experience the “river life”. Pakbeng when translated into English means “mouth of the river”. It depicts the scenic spot that the lovely town setting right at the confluence of the mighty Mekong and Nam Beng rivers. In recent years, lots of guesthouses and local restaurants have been built to welcome the increasing number of tourists every year. 24-hour electrical service is available in Pakbeng but most of the lights go out by 10.00 PM when the generator is off for the night.

Pakbeng 2

In Pakbeng, there are not many religious constructions as in other parts of Laos. The local temples that you can take the time to visit are Wat Khok Koh and Wat Sin Jong Jeang. In the early morning, head to the Luang Say pier to sip a cup of amazing Laos coffee before walking to the local market to buy fresh food. For tourists with more time, you can also venture into the neighboring villages to learn the traditional culture of Laos people, conquer the interesting elephant trekking in nearby Hongsa, or simply have a drink at the lively Hive Bar to enjoy the nightlife of the town.

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Most tourists choose to travel by boat to reach Pakbeng from Luang Prabang and Huay Xai due to its convenient location along the river waterway. Besides the slow boats (express boats) and speedboats, the Luang Say cruise is a bit more luxurious and expensive option to travel this fantastic route.
Climate, the best time to visit
Pakbeng has a tropical climate with an average temperature of 22.5 °C and precipitation of around 1449 mm per year. The dry season lasts from October to April and the wet season is from May to September. The best time to visit Pakbeng is 5 months from October to February with pleasant weather for exciting outdoor activities and stunning boat rides.