Wat Luang Temple

Situated on the Sedone river’s, built in 1935, Wat Luang is one of the biggest among the 20 wats in Pakse.
Wat Luang Temple was constructed firstly to serve the function of a Buddhist college, then, here, exists a school teaching various courses for monks. Additionally, there is a collection of valuable artefacts and incredible finds from the area, not to mention a huge selection of amazing paintings in the main temple which has been lately restored.

Wat Luang Temple

Your journey to Wat Luang Temple gives you a chance to have lovely chats with friendly monks. Moreover, take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy the serenity of the place by sitting down and gazing at the Sedone River.
Best time to go: If you are going to visit this wonderful place, the best time to visit Wat Luang Temple is in the early morning or the late afternoon as you can catch the beautifully stunning sunrises or sunsets over the serene river.

Wat Luang Temple, Pakse

Useful information:
– Opening hours: daily, from 06:00 am to 06:00 pm.
– Visit time: 1.5 hours.
– Admission fee: free.
There are some rules when visiting Wat Luang Temple you must know:
1. Dress suitably (it will be better if you wear long clothing).
2. You have to put your shoes off before entering the buildings.
3. Do not point your feet to the image of Buddha.
4. Do not smoke.
5. Keep quiet.

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