Tham Chang Cave

Vang Vieng is considered a heaven of water games due to the dense system of rivers running in the town. Located in Meuang Xong Village, Tham Chang Cave is one of the most beautiful sights that attract lots of tourists coming to visit all year round.

Tham Chang Cave

In Laos language, “Tham Chang” when translated into English means “unable to move” describing the freezing cold water and the fresh air inside the cave which makes it become an ideal place to cool off during hot summer days. According to history, this site has not only been used as a great bunker during the war with the Chinese in the early 19th century but also the general home of the migrating people who later settled to the south of the town to grow vegetables. That is the reason why the cave has played an important role in Laos people ‘s life.

Tham Chang Cave visiting

To enter Tham Chang Cave, you should climb up 150 concrete steps which take just around 15-20 minutes. The cave spreads over 2 levels which owns numerous stunning stalactites, rare stalagmites, and colorful effects of the minerals in the water reflecting onto the walls. From the top of the staircase leading to the entrance of the cave, you can get a bird eyes’ view of the endless rice fields lying on the east of Vang Vieng. Walking inside the cave, you will feel the tranquil atmosphere while viewing the crystal blue water and the shining Buddha statue. Furthermore, at Tham Chang cave, you can also relax with warm water in the small pool near the entrance, have a picnic on the grass, enjoy peaceful countryside landscapes, and capture nice photos to record memorable moments with your companions at a spectacular viewpoint on the mountain.

From Vang Vieng city center, you can go along the river road south of Meuang Xong village. Upon reaching Vang Vieng resort, you go inside and cross the bridge over Nam Xong which leads to an array of footsteps up the cliff. Situated at the middle way from Luang Prabang to Vientiane, Vang Vieng is a perfect stop to take a rest and explore between 2 big cities on your trip.

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