Laos - weather & travel conditions in March


The temperature is getting closer to its peak especially toward the end of the month and during April. Anyway, the rainfall still remains low throughout the country making it easy to travel here.
In the far north mountainous areas including Huay Xai, Luang Nam Tha, Phong Sa Ly, Pakbeng and Oudomxay, the weather is warm during daytimes with temperature staying between 30-32oC. Since it is on high altitude so the temperatures at night normally drop down making it a bit cold so, warm clothing is still needed.
In Luang Prabang and neighboring areas, the weather is a bit warmer during daytimes but rather cool and comfortable at night.
The Centre of Laos including Vang Vieng, Vientiane, Xiang Khoang (plain of Jars) is basking in sunshine with average temperature ranging between 30-32oC.
Southern part of Laos including the areas of Savannakhet & around Champasak (Pakse, and 4000 island)  is warmer than the rest of the country and the heat may make you a bit tired sometimes. Anyway, condition still dry almost throughout the month. Average temperature here during this month is around 33oC.  


Boun Khoun Khao festival
Known as the rice festival and is celebrated nationwide as thanksgiving to the spirit of land for good harvest.
Along with religious ceremony in pagodas and temples, music and dancing performance also organized. Food and drink are prepared and visitors are welcome to take part in the Baci ceremonies and the feast afterwards.

Bun Pha Wet
The celebration is organized on different days around January in different villages and area of Laos. This ceremony is to celebrate the birth of Buddha reincarnated as the Prince Vessantara previous incarnation before being born as Prince Siddhartha. There are processions and gathering at pagoda for listening sermon on the birth of Vessanatara. People from different villages also invite each other to their celebrations. This is also a favored time for Lao males to be ordained into the monkhood.

International women’s day
Like in other communist influenced countries, this day also celebrated in Laos to honors women in Lao society, with celebrations at homes and in offices.

How to do and what to expect if travel to Laos in March

If you like an adventure activity like trekking or camping then northern part of Laos is a good choice. Around one week will be enough for you to discover the pristine landscapes and explore authentic local culture.
For classic easy style of travel then Vientiane, Luang Prabang and Xiang Khoang or Champasak are all good to choose. The tour can be easily started with international flight in or connecting with your holiday from Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia.
In general, this is a good time to travel in Laos, so do not hesitate to put any place you want to visit into your itinerary even in the north, centre or south of Laos.

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