Cambodia - weather & travel conditions in April


April is the transitional period between dry and wet season in Cambodia with the temperature keeps rising to its peak of the year though the chances of rain still low until early or mid May.
Phnom Penh and Siam Reap are full of sunlight with temperature around 35oC and humidity is at around 80% whilst Banlung, Ratanankiri and neighboring areas in the northeastern part have the temperatures around 1 or 2oC lower.
The south coast including popular beaches in around Koh Kong, Sihanoukville and Kep are proved to be the best choice for beach lovers and to escape the heat of the inlands. The temperature here during April is just around 33oC and lots of stunning sea breeze is available.


Khmer New Year (Chaul Chhnam Thmey)
The holiday lasts for three days at the end of the harvesting season and mark the turn of the year according to the Buddhist lunar calendar (usually falls on April 13 or 14th) and coincides with the traditional Thai and Laos New Year (Songkran) and Myanmar’s (Thingyan)
On the first day of the New Year, Maha Songkran, people gather at temples with candles and incense to pay homage to Buddha.
The second day, Virak Wanabat, people contribute charity to the less fortunate one. Families attend a dedication ceremony to their ancestors at the monastery.
On the third day, T'ngai Leang Saka, buddhists cleanse the Buddha statues and their elders with perfumed water. It is thought to be a kind deed that will bring longevity, good luck, happiness and prosperity in life.
During the festival, streets are decorated and brightly lit in the evenings.
People splash water on each other to wish for good luck, health and prosperity. There are also lots of cultural shows, entertainment, and competitive games along with parties.

Pisak Bochea or Vesaka Bochea
Held in middle of April or early May, this festival is also called Buddha Day, to commemorate three events in the Buddha's life: birth, enlightenment, and passing into Nirvana (death). On Vesaka Bochea, Buddhists offer prayers to the Buddha, and donate clothes and food to their local monks.

How to do and what to expect if travel to Cambodia in April

The weather during April is normally hottest in comparison to other months of the year so, adventure activities such as biking or trekking are not recommended as the heat may make it hard to manage. Easy pace, classic style of travel anyway, is still a good choice during this time.
Beaches in the south coast promise good swimming and relax and should be put at the end of the itinerary if you travel in Cambodia only.
Just dress loose fitting and drink enough water. Sun glasses, sun hat are needed and a noon break between your visits is highly advisable.
During April, the number of visitor is low so, it is good time to escape from the crowd and to enjoy promotion programs.
During this time of the year farmers burn rice stubble and bushes to prepare for the new crop so, in the countryside and farming areas, fires and smoke may cause hazy effect at times.
Prepare to get wet (and sometimes powdery) when walking around during the New Year time as throwing buckets of water on passersby is part of the celebration. Just don’t forget to water-proof your camera and mobile phone!
If you don’t want to get wet, stay inside or visit the country in another time.

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