Cambodia - weather & travel conditions in July


The rainy season continues with rains is expected to be more frequent throughout the country during July. Depending on places, the rainfall can be less or more but it generally helps to reduce further the temperature making it more pleasant to travel around.
Both Phnom Penh and Siam Reap enjoy mild weather with temperature around 32oC, rainfall is at level of 150-180mm over the month and lots of dry days expected with bright sunshine.
The northeastern Cambodia with Kratie, Banlung of Ratanakiri seems to have the coolest weather (28oC) through the rain also very much common bringing high precipitation to the land. 
Koh Kong, Sihanoukvill and Kep on the southern coast receive the largest rainfall all over the country but lots of bight sunshine is still expected. The temperature here is at around 30oC during July.


Bon Chol Vassa - Start of Buddhist Lent
Organized in mid July on the full moon of the eight lunar calendar, this festival marks the beginning of the three-month Buddhist lent during which Buddhist monks fast and meditate. Young men consider this festival is a great time to enter the monkhood

How to do and what to expect if travel to Cambodia in July

Although rainfall is on its way to increase towards the end of the month rainy days tend to have short times of heavy rain rather than being all-day downpours and lost of dry days are still expected. Avoid the rains in certain times of the day, normally in the morning or evening, you will find it quite easy and pleasant to travel in the country.
Apart from being a bit wet sometimes, the advantage of monsoonal Cambodia is that it breaks the heat and humidity and brings back the lush greenery to the country. Lakes, mangroves and forest are now full of life with birdlife is far more obvious. Cruises on rivers and lakes, particularly the Tonle Sap, at their full level along luxuriant nature proved to be an outstanding experience. Angkor Wat can be stunning in wet season with unique appearance of the ruins on a lightning backdrop or brilliant sunshine and rainbow after the rain. A spectacular and delightful scene you can not resist! The low number of visitors at sites, particularly the Angkor, is also an advantage for those who want to escape from the crowds.
Adventure activities such as biking or trekking are not recommended and traveling to the rural remote areas like the northeast can be quite difficult due to the road condition though you still be able to go just about anywhere. Sea along the south coast can be a bit rough and rainfall also heavier though lots of bright sunshine still expected.
A short holiday for main highlights of Cambodia is advisable for this month and it is great idea to connect your Cambodia visit to another journey to neighboring country such as Thailand or Vietnam.

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