Cambodia - weather & travel conditions in November


Good news now comes throughout Cambodia since the country has got out the rainy season for the dry season that will last until next May.
The weather and natural beauty return in all parts of the country from north to south, both heat and humidity become moderate and rainfall is lowest of the year.
Phnom Penh, Siam Reap and surroundings of both have almost the same features of weather with number of days with some rainfall from 5+, precipitation around 60mm over the month, 8 hours of sunshine daily and temperatures is around 31oC.
In the northeastern region including Kratie and Banlung (of Ratanakiri) weather become very cool as it can be during the year with temperature around 28oC, rainfall drop down to under 50mm and 8 hours of sunshine daily is expected.
The south coast from Koh Kong all the way down to Kep now shakes off the cloudy coat to get back to its glory days. Though short early rains might still linger but all the beaches now are expected to be basking in sunshine with nice breeze and temperature around 30oC


Independence Day
Organized on November 9 to celebrate the independence of Cambodia from France in 1953. There are quite a few activities are held around the country during this time but most in Phnom Penh including parades in front of the Royal Palace, torch lighting ceremony at the Independence Monument,  fire work on the bank of Mekong River front, traditional music performances and shows around. Streets are decorated with banners and flags

The Bonn Om Took Water Festival
This festival is organized in Phnom Penh (bigger one) and Siam Reap (smaller one)  on the full moon of the Buddhist month of Kadeuk (usually in November) to celebrate the big natural event in Cambodia: The end of the rainy season and the reverse of the Tonle Sap River’ flow. During the rainy season, the Tonle Sap Lake receives water from Mekong through the Tonle Sap River and when dry season comes, the current reverts and flows back into the Mekong.
There are thousands of people from different corners of the country gather to attend this very busy and colorful three days festival. Activities include fluvial parades, colorful dugout boat races, fireworks, music performances and games.

How to do and what to expect if travel to Cambodia in November

November is no doubt a great time to visit Cambodia. Good weather is now available in all part of the country making travel here so pleasant and enjoyable.
The country is now just beautiful for any activity you can get, from adventure to easy and comfort travel. Biking along the length of the country is a great idea. Highlights such as Siam Reap, Battambang, Kampong Thom, Phnom Penh and so on all are in moderate temperature and open wide arms to welcome currents of tourists back. The northeastern rural area offer good condition for adventure discoveries whilst beach on the south coast now bask in brilliant sunshine with clear calm waters promising good swimming and relax.
During this month you can spend longer time in Cambodia and each of its highlights but except you want a very detailed adventure, 12 or 15 days is enough to enjoy the country.

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