Cambodia - weather & travel conditions in October


This month is transitional period between wet and dry season in Cambodia with rainfall in on its way to decrease, especially towards the end of the month. Conditions are now being improved making it quite pleasant to travel here.
Average temperature in both Phnom Penh and Siam Reap is around 30oC and the rainfalls slightly decrease along with number of days with some rain drop down to around 10. You can also expect more sunshine (7 hours daily) and less humidity during this month. 
Banlung, Ratanakiri in the northeastern region is now getting out of the rainy season with rainfall hugely decrease to just around half of the previous month and temperatures around 29oC.
Same things also happen on the south coast all the way from Kor Kong down to Kep though the temperature here is just a bit higher. 


Bonn Kathen
This religious festival is held to mark the end of the Buddhist Lent. Monks now come out from their seclusion and change their old saffron robes for the new ones offered by the devotees, an action that brings spiritual merit to all participants.
There quite a few religious activities including procession and drum playing around temples, donating and alms giving. It is great time to observe people tradition and to take picture of colorful scene. 

Royal Coronation of King Sihamoni
The event is to celebrate the coronation of HM King Sihamoni on 29 October 2004. There are fireworks on the river front in Phnom Penh.

How to do and what to expect if travel to Cambodia in October

Rainy season is coming to its end with rainfall decrease on all part of the country making October a rather pleasant month to travel in Cambodia. 
The weather is now changing to dry season with cooler weather and the country nature is so fresh with lush greenery.  Lakes, mangroves and forest are now full of life. Cruises on rivers and lakes, particularly the Tonle Sap, at their full level along luxuriant nature proved to be an outstanding experience. The low number of visitors at sites is also an advantage for those who want to escape from the crowds.
October is more suitable for easy and comfort travel rather than big adventure since remote rural areas, the northeast in particular, though quite dry now but after few months rainy condition have not recovered yet especially roads and can make your travel slowed considerably. Of course, you still be able to travel about anywhere, it just take longer and sometimes a bit difficult.
Beaches on the south coast now start to get back to their favorable condition especially from the second half of the month.

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