Cambodia - weather & travel conditions in September


September is considered the wettest month in Cambodia with rainfall is high especially in the rural northeastern parts and the south coast. It is normally short time or few hour showers rather than all-day pours though the latter might sometime happen and lots of dry days and bright sunshine still expected.
Phnom Penh, Siam Reap and surroundings of both have almost the same features of weather with number of days with some rainfall from 10+, precipitation around 220mm over the month, 6 hours of sunshine daily and temperatures is around 31oC.
In the northeastern region including Kratie and Banlung (of Ratanakiri) and on the south coast from Koh Kong down to Kep, rainfall is higher than other parts and can be more prolonged though dry days and bright sunshine are still expected. Temperatures in this areas stay around 29-30oC.


Pchum Ben - Ancestors' Day
This is one of Cambodia’s most important Buddhist festivals. It lasts 15 days determined by the lunar calendar. This religious festival is based on the belief in karma and reincarnation. At Pchum Ben time every year souls are released from the spirit world to find their living relatives and repent. Cambodians use this time to visit pagodas, pray for the souls of their dead relatives. Foods are offered to hungry spirits and you’ll see people throwing sticky rice into temples ground and fields for the ghosts during this time. Khmers are encouraged to visit at least seven pagodas to make offerings to dead ancestors and light candles to guide the spirits of the dead to these offerings.
This is also the time for family reunion for the Pchum Ben affair.

Constitution Day and King’s Coronation
Held on September 24th to celebrate the signing of the constitution on that same day in 1993 by Prince Norodom Sihanouk for a free general election between parties for a constitutional monarchy. The Prince Norodom Sihanouk then reinstated as King from his abdication in 1955. The country official name changed from People Republic Kampuchea to Kingdom of Cambodia.

How to do and what to expect if travel to Cambodia in September

The condition for travel in Cambodia during September is a painting of intermixture where both negative and positive color available.
The rainy season now is on its peak that means rains are more frequent on the lands. Anyway, rainy days tend to have short times of heavy rain rather than being all-day downpours though the later may occur. Avoid the rains in certain times of the day, normally in the morning or evening, you will find it quite easy and pleasant to travel in the country.
This time, heat and humidity are so moderate and the country nature is so fresh with lush greenery.  Lakes, mangroves and forest are now full of life with birdlife is far more obvious. It is great time to visit bird sanctuaries around. Cruises on rivers and lakes, particularly the Tonle Sap, at their full level along luxuriant nature proved to be an outstanding experience. Angkor Wat is stunning with its most magnificent reflection. The low number of visitors at sites is also an advantage for those who want to escape from the crowds.
Biking around or through the central land is good but traveling to the rural remote areas like the northeast can be a problem due to the wet and poor road condition after few months with rains. Sea along the south coast can be rough and rainfall also heavier.
A short holiday for main highlights of Cambodia is advisable for this month and it is a great idea to connect your Cambodia visit to another journey to neighboring country such as Thailand or Vietnam.

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