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Tourist visas for Cambodia are available upon arrival at the international airports in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap or borders (payment of US dollars). To obtain a visa, travelers will need two photographs and visa fee 30 USD for single entry with one month and can be extended for only one extra month. A business visa costs 35 USD for one month and can be extended for one year with multiple entry.

Besides, The Cambodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs allow visitors to get an electronic visa (E-Visa) before travelling with 30 USD fee. This type of visa can only be used at the main entry crossings with the immigration IT system. It’s better than the E-visa applications should be made through the website of Cambodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, where full terms, conditions and port entry information are listed.

Tourist visas issued by a Royal Cambodian Embassy abroad is valid for 30 days from the actual date of entry into Cambodia. Make sure your passport is stamped on arrival, both entering through an airport and border. Overstayers without the proper authority can be held or fined 10 USD per day.

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To enter Cambodia, travelers must have a valid passport which is not damaged with a validity of more than 6 months at the time of entry and at least 2 blank pages for visa and stamp. Neighboring counties have different validity requirements and travelers should check those separately.

Travel insurance

This is compulsory condition on all bookings with Travel Authentic Asia because it’s not only guarantee you peace of mind while you travel but also covers you for many of the things that can go wrong before, during and after your trip. Although, traveling in Cambodia is generally safe, it is a good idea to keep your insurance company policy and emergency number on hand in case of necessity.

Before booking for travel insurance, you should learn all terms and conditions relating to your detailed travel itinerary to ensure that all activities in the itinerary and any optional activities during your trip are covered if any risk. The more detailed and clear you learn about your travel destination, the better it is to work out travel insurance policy. At least, your insurance can cover the following:

• Medical and health cover for injury or sudden illness
• 24-hour emergency service and assistance.
• Personal liability in case you’re sued for causing injury or damaging property.
• Lost and stolen possessions.
• Cancellation and curtailment (cutting short your trip due to illness, injury or unforeseen circumstances.).
• Personal accident.

Depending on activities on your trip, you can require extra cover for adventure activities such as biking, motorcycling, rock climbing, water activities and so on. Remember that emergency evacuation is expensive here; bills of over US$100, 000 are not uncommon.

Also, you should find out in advance if you will make payments to providers then make a claim or your insurance company will work with providers directly. If you have to claim later, please inform Travel Authentic Asia to keep all documentation.

Some policies ask you to call back (reverse charges) to a center in your home country where an immediate assessment of your problem is made. In case of loss or stolen, you have to report to police for investigation and get paper from them.

We will provide you helps and advice in resolving matters on sport or dealing with local procedures relate to your case but nowhere liable for any legal matter relate to your claim or deal with the insurance company.

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