Nightlife In Bangkok - More Than A Flashy Beauty

For a long time, Bangkok has been an attractive and prominent destination for a lot of tourists who want to start their Southeast Asia discovery. Thanks to the developed connective transportations, the fascinating historical architectural attractions, and the modern flashy life, Bangkok nowadays seems to be a sleepless city where the mood never off. The nightlife in Bangkok never seems to lose the heat. Here are 12 best-recommended attractions by foreign tourists for the nights in Bangkok.

Chinese Chinatown

This is the Chinese’s largest not-in-China living area in the world, established many centuries ago. That is truly an amusement place in Bangkok when you would have countless places to visit, to shop, extremely delicious street food with Thai - Chinese style. You can visit Mangkon Kamalawat Temple, Saphanthawong Museum to learn more about the culture there or come to the Pak Klong Flower Market, Talat Kao Market, or Pahurat Garment Market ... to eat and play what you like. If you come right on Lunar New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival, or October vegetarian festival, you will find it a lot more bustling.

Wat Arun

Located on the bank of the famous Chao Phraya River, the temple seems to float on the water while being watched from far away. Though the name is Wat Arun or The dawn temple, the most suitable time to visit the temple is right at the sunset. The temple is well-known for its sophisticated architecture and is a spiritual visiting place of Buddhists.

Chao Phraya River

Bangkok has often been called the Venice of the East for its winding river and canals. A very cool way to explore the canals is to take a riverboat cruise on a vintage rice barge. You can also visit Bangkok’s prominent, unique floating market.

Under the night lights of the city, Chao Phraya River is cover in a beautiful but mysterious scene, with a fusion of the night and the colourful lights. Contemplate the river from a boat-house can become a romantic experience, especially suitable for couples.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

One interest in Thai land culture is the weekend market. The famous one in Bangkok in Chhatuchak Weekend market, where many Thais from surround provinces and cities come to buy and trade things. They said that if you know where to find, you can buy everything from that market. The market is also an entrance for visitors to get closer to the locals’ casual life.

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Khao San road

Khao San is a walking street with many shopping centres, amusement parks, bars, discos, food stalls, street food ... Different from the calm in the morning when the lights are on, the road seemed to turn into another place with a harmony of street sounds. You could hear the laughter of the guests, the sale, the solicitation, the horn from the cars, the street vendors, the cheers for street performances, the music from bars, which all make you not want to leave.

Bangkok Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)

Displaying more than 800 pieces of arts, MOCA is a place that can give visitors the most realistic view on the life, culture, and people of Thailand. With a luxurious architecture, fancy light, modern equipment highlighting the beauty of arts, visitors can see a very different Thailand, from different angles, reflects the multi-dimension of a colourful life.

Ratchadamri Central Area

Located on a long avenue crossing the romantic Chao Phraya River, the central is the gathering place of many leading financial groups such as Platinum, Novotel, Intercontinental, Central World ... That place seems almost like a miniature model of the country. Ratchadamri is a shopping, entertaining paradise with major commercial centres like Siam World, Central World, Amarin, MBK, ... the famous restaurants, or international-class hotels. All of them have been making the bustling side of Bangkok.

Yaowarat Road

Built in 1891, Yaowarat Road is the 1.5-kilometre (0.9-mile) street that cuts through Bangkok’s Chinatown. In there, visitors could find out some of the most delicious street food at the night market. Yaowarat is also prominent for Wat Traimit, a labyrinthine market, Sampeng Lane and Wat Chakawat Ratchawat, known as The Crocodile Temple, where they foster three giant crocodiles.

ASIATIQUE The Riverfront

Located along the bank of the Chao Phraya River, ASIATIQUE The Riverfront is a trendy and unique market. Not like any other Bangkok’s markets, Asiatique is cleaner, more organized, without counterfeits or stalls. The market is full of high-end bars and restaurants, fashionable boutiques, and holding one of the wildest cabaret shows in Bangkok. There is also a 61-metre-tall (200-foot-tall) Ferris wheel, which seems to be a great way to see the under-the-night-sky city and river from an incredible height.

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