Safety and security in Thailand

Transportation in Thailand is varied ( includes Skytrain and subway in Bangkok) and getting around is pretty easy.
Thai Airways offers extensive domestic connections and international flights. The condition of airplanes, in general, is very good and meets up international safety standards. Apart from tourist buses on tours, local buses are normally air-conditioned and in good condition.
The State Railway of Thailand operates an efficient rail system with three main train routes starting in Bangkok: north to Chiang Mai, south to Malaysia and Singapore, and northeast to Nong Khai and Ubon Ratchathani. Condition on trains depends on the class but good and comfortable enough in general (though not expected to be the same in Europe or the US)
Taxis are cheap and air-conditioned. You can easily recognize a taxi with a red and white TAXI-METER sign on the roof, a yellow license plate, and either a two-color feature (commonly yellow and green or blue and red) or a unique metallic color such as fiery pink.
Another popular means of transport in Thailand is by three-wheeled carts or called a samlor. It is a nice experience to get on one and moving around. Be sure to negotiate the fare before starting your trip.
Motorcycle Taxi hanging around at major intersections in colored vests. If you want to try weaving through traffic behind someone, why not! Please remember to get and put the helmet on and… ask for the fare before getting on.
Driving yourself in Bangkok is not recommended but you can rent a private car with a driver in case you like to discover anyplace without the border of a taxi.
Boat transfer in Thailand is also common. Not to mention private tour boats, the local public boat can be dangerously crowded during peak traffic times, so avoid rush hours. Remember to check for safety equipment when you get on anytime.

When you wander around on foot, take a sidewalk and pay attention to the traffic if you have to walk on the road. Walking alone on quiet streets or deserted areas is not recommended.
The crossing street here in cities is something bizarre for those who the first time comes to the country. Just learn how the locals do. Do not panic, do not try to run or jump off the path nor standstill. If you just stand you never make it and will be hit by vehicles. Stay calm, just walk slowly and steadily. People need to know how fast and where you are heading to weave off from you. Look toward the direction where the current of traffic coming and move your feet appropriately.
If you cross the street with the group, stay in a horizontal line or stick together and walk along. Do not lag as the risk of getting hit is higher since drivers just pay attention to the big group.

For your big bag or suitcase, a padlock is the best to keep it safe when traveling around. When you check in the hotel, the first thing to do is to leave your valuables in the safety box with your password or to deposit them at the hotel reception. If you leave your valuables at the hotel’s reception box, please remember to put them into a paper envelope and use adhesive tape to cover all the sides then put your signature across the paper and the tape as a seal. This is to make sure you get back what you leave with them and avoid confusion. Remember to get a receipt for your deposit and keep it with you.
Do not bring more than you need when you wander around. Passports, important papers, spare money, and valuables should be in the safety box. Just bring enough for day use. Depends on your need but around 100USD and a credit card are enough for you to party around.
Do not put your wallet in the back pocket since it is not safe when you come to a crowded place. A money belt is the best option to keep your money safe. Prepare some small changes both in USD and VND ready for a petty deal when you around.
A bag should be worn in the front and do not put the whole junk shop in it. The camera should be held in hand with the strap worn around your wrist.
Beware of unauthorized people who offer their services as guides. You could end up going somewhere completely different from where you intended or paying through the nose.
Gambling is another risk tourists might confront. Remember to get away from the invitation of someone who wants you to join in their game since you might end up with just a short and singlet.

safety in thailand

During your trip, when you join in group activities, you are cared for by our group leader or tour guide but it is a must you have to inform us of your health status or pre-existing medical condition to help you to deal with the situation when it happens. The group leader or tour guide shall have the right to refuse the participation of any group member who he thinks unsuitable for an activity on the trip since it is for the safety of themselves, the rest of the group, and the tour guide.
Protect yourself and get away from any danger before you call for help from others.
As it is the regulation that you have to follow the group leader or tour guide’s advice and instructions on the matter of safety during the trip and before you take any activity.
You have to determine well before you book for any tour that demands a high physical fitting such as trekking, climbing, motorbiking, biking, rafting, or kayaking…
It is your responsibility to prepare proper gear for that activities. Please read your trip dossier for more instruction on what is needed.
During the activity, if the wrong thing happens or if local conditions become an issue then the ultimate decision on whether to continue is made by your group leader or tour guide.
For any high-risk activity that is not included in our itinerary but you want to take part when you have free time, please understand that you do so of your own choice and at your own risk and your group leader will require passengers opting to partake in high-risk optional activities to sign an ‘Optional activity form’ or a ‘Passenger release form.’

Druggings & Drug Possession
Male travelers have reported accepting cigarettes, drinks, or food from flirtatious Thai women only to wake up sometime later with a headache and without their valuables. Inviting a prostitute to your hotel room can have the same results.
It is illegal to buy, sell or possess opium, heroin, amphetamines, hallucinogenic mushrooms, and marijuana in Thailand.
Belying Thailand’s anything-goes atmosphere is severely strict punishments for possession and trafficking that are not relaxed for foreigners. Possession of drugs can result in at least one year or more of prison time. Drug smuggling – defined as attempting to cross a border with drugs in your possession – carries considerably higher penalties, including execution.

Local law and custom
While you are traveling in Thailand, you are subject to the laws of the Kingdom of Thailand. The Thai legal system and some Thai laws can be vastly different from your own and if you do anything against local law then your foreign passport will not help.

Traveling with children
Traveling with your children here in Thailand is a great experience for both parents and children. Anyway, you have to take care of your children and attend to them when they are around on the road with you. You should also prepare for your children and tell them the different things they might find strange here.
Thai people love to see and play with Western children since, for them, blonde hair, blue eyes children are something like little angels. People normally very friendly and they might try to talk, touch or kiss your child. In that case, you should be very calm and do not try to make a fuss that will make them lose face. That might be a chance for your children to build up self-confidence and skill of interaction.

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