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Thai cuisine with taste is mixed together to create a distinct culinary culture of spices, herbs, and fresh food created a unique and characteristic culinary style of Thai people.
Thai cuisine has a mixture of many cultures of surrounding countries like India, China, Myanmar, and Indonesia...However, Thai cuisine is not dissolved or eclipsed by the cuisine of other countries. This family creates its character, unique and attractive.
A general characteristic of Thai gastronomy is the taste of the dish is highly rich, any one of the sour, salty, sweet, bitter, and spicy flavors is clearly shown. Thai dishes, when cooked, are put in various spices and flavors. Although using a lot, but does not confuse, each spice, each flavor is used reasonably and accurately, weighing and measuring on each dish. Along with the usual spices, herbs like cloves, saffron, basil, coriander, mint, lemongrass, lime leaves (Kaffir Lime), chili, ginger, galangal ... are usually used for dishes to increase flavor and make the dish become functional foods, with health benefits. The sour and spicy tastes are loved in Thai, then the favorite spices are chili, lemon, and lemongrass.
Thai dishes are particularly rich, not only in taste but also in color, with many colorful colors made by the combination of meat, fish, shrimp ... with spices and vegetables of various colors. the first impression of all the eateries when seeing a Thai dish is its eye-catching, color that stimulates the taste buds, making the dish more delicious.
Thai cuisine has common features, but each region has its characteristics in flavor and processing.
In the north, the Thai galley is affected by Burmese cuisine, dishes are often medium cooked, less absorption, less piquant, nearly not sweet and sour. In normal dining, sticky rice is mainly served with various sauces such as namprik noom, namprik dang, namprik ong... and vegetables. Kang hangle, kang hoh, kang kae are common soups and local sausage are sai ua, lava, stew, grilled pork, fried pork, fried chicken. Pork is loved the most and very little seafood is like by northern people.
The Northeastern dish impacted from Laos with the main dish is sticky rice and often served with meat, pork blood, papaya salad, grilled fish, grilled chicken ... The locals here like fried specialties such as toads, lizards, snakes, hamsters, red ants, insects ... also pigs, cows, and chickens are common.

thai food

The central dish is regarded as the most delicious combination among regions. It is usually included 3 to 5 dishes in a popular meal combined with famous fragrant rice of Thailand and Kang Phed (Thai red curry), Tom Yum (sour soup), herring, Thai fried eggs, grilled pork ... vegetables and fish sauce. Central Thai dishes are influenced by royal culinary styles that are processed quite complicatedly; Combining culinary quintessence from other regions. They like the dish is soft, smooth, and has a little sweet taste, the layout is also very artistic and beautiful.
Southern Thai food contains coconut, a very popular condiment. This region is affected by India and Indonesia, therefore, the food is hotter than in other places. Some of the popular plates are Massaman curry, Kang Liang soup, Kang Tai Pla soup, Budu sauce, Khao Yam ... Fresh seafood is also a type of food that is loved a lot and is plentiful such as fish, shrimp, crab, squid, clams, clams… Cashew nuts are commonly used to make appetizers or mix in lots of dishes. As their fondness for the spicy taste, fresh chili, dried chili, and sator are popularly used.
The Thai have a traditional culture in their cuisine. According to Thai custom, the whole family sits together on a tray presenting traditional and usual dishes every day. Thailand is a hospitable people. Often guests come to the house, meet a meal or prepare, are always invited to eat together very enthusiastically. Even when walking on the road, meeting a group of friends, or a group of people you do not know, this enthusiasm for hospitality has not diminished.

Thai cuisine is extremely rich, diverse, and equally unique, world-famous, with its flavors, not mixed by any other countries. Thai dishes have a common taste of sour and spicy; Especially the spicy taste is quite strong. There are many types of savory dishes or desserts, which are delicious and easy to eat, with soft prices. If you have the opportunity to come to "Land of the Golden Temple", do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the most specialties of this country.
you cannot ignore the following typical Thai culinary dishes:
Pad Thai
This dish consists of fried noodles combined with eggs, peanuts, dried shrimp, tofu, tamarind sauce, beans, sometimes with shrimp or squid. Pad Thai is regarded as one of the Thai national dishes. Coming to Thailand without enjoying Pad Thai will be a great regret for visitors.
Tom Yum
Tom Yum is a spicy Thai soup that is well-known in the world. This dish is made from the most delicious fresh shrimp and spices and herbs with a characteristic spicy and sour taste that is very Thai.
Thai hot pot
Regarding the typical Thai cuisine, Thai hotpot is a dish that can not be missed. This is a dish that has a very delicious taste and is very "addicted" to many diners. The main ingredients of Thai hot pot include the major seafood such as sea crab, fresh squid, scallop, tiger prawns, sea eel, mushrooms, tomatoes, fresh chili, cilantro, garlic, onions, lime leaves, lemongrass ...

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