Top attractive experiences when traveling to Thailand

Thailand - one of the most developed countries in Southeast Asia, is not only famous for its long-standing, admirable Buddhist culture but above all, it is considered a vibrant, modern tourist destination with extremely interesting experiences that anyone cannot ignore when coming here. In recent years, the number of tourists from all over the world has often flocked to Thailand partly because you want to visit, worship at the sacred cradle of Buddhism, another reason is when coming here, you will have the most unique experiences that you can experience nowhere else. Below are the top 5 great experiences that you should plan to do when traveling to this friendly country.

Exploring Thailand

Admire the royal palace of Thailand & Visiting temples and pagodas
The architectural complex of the Royal Thai Grand Palace is the pride of the people here. The Grand Palace is a combination of traditional Thai architecture and Western culture. Many visitors believe that visiting this place will be blessed and happy. The golden towers, golden temples, sparkling golden temples make this place more solemn and ancient. Today, the Thai king no longer lives at the Golden Temple, but it still takes place in important cultural activities such as the king's coronation, welcoming government guests.
Famous for the name “the country of the Golden Temple”, this place is considered as the cradle of world Buddhism. With the system of temples and pagodas everywhere in the country, coming here, you can not only admire the huge golden Buddha architectural structures, the temples are exquisitely designed to every detail, ... but above all, coming here is to worship, feel the distinct purity in the soul. And another interesting unique feature, you can buy for yourself as well as bring back some "lucky charms" as gifts for your friends and relatives.
Some of the famous Temples: Wat Phra Keaw, Golden Buddha Temple, Four-sided Buddha Statue, Boat Pagoda, Wat Mahathat, Wat Benchamabophit Dusitvanaram...
Ticket price: Some temples will be free, while others will charge from 30 - 50 Bath.

Amazing Bangkok

Visiting wildlife sanctuaries & Experience riding an elephant
Thailand is one of the countries with many mountainous areas and a developed wildlife ecosystem. Especially the elephant sanctuary is scattered in areas across Thailand a lot. In particular, the elephant park in Chiang Mai is one of the most famous places with the largest elephant care and conservation services in the country. The elephants here are cared for in the most natural and wild way but are friendly to humans. When you come here, you will be in direct contact with this very adorable animal, watching elephants bathing in the river and their daily activities. All of these things will become unforgettable moments in your journey to Thailand.
If you do not have time to visit Chiang Mai, Khao Yai national park is the ideal place for those who love nature. Leaving the hustle & bustle of Bangkok, about 3 hours transfer by car, Khao Yai welcomes visitors with lush greenery, beautiful white foam waterfalls, and jars of passionate wine. Khao Yai National Park is the pride of the Thai people because it still retains the wild and rustic features of natural wildlife. Visitors can see the rare birds, watch the elephants wandering on the road or see the crocodile lying on the bank of the river in the sun. The natural landscapes and environment here are unprecedented human touch. If you visit in the evening, you will be guided by lights on the bushes and groves to see the nocturnal animals.
The elephant is an extremely impressive cultural beauty in Thailand, it is not only considered as a familiar animal, moreover, for the people here, elephants often cannot be absent in festivals, folk games, or traditional processions. Besides, instead of raising to get the traction as before, now the elephants have been cared for by the locals to serve tourists. Any visitor who comes here can take photos, feed the elephant, or even cuddle with the elephants. In addition, riding an elephant will definitely be an experience not to be missed when coming here. The feeling of sitting unsteadily on the back of the big elephants, walking around the village, the streets will surely bring you an interesting feeling that you cannot forget.
Location: Elephant camp, some other elephant villages.
Ticket price: Depending on the elephant

Wildlife sanctuaries in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Enjoying Sex Show
Considered as an indispensable spiritual dish as well as a very impressive personal culture when coming to Thailand, Sex Show is one of the impressive performances of Thai artists. The show often exudes heat, crept in every corner, which was elaborately from the stage, the costumes, to the performances in the program. It may be the pole dance, the dancer's dance, or it can also be impressive magic tricks that make sure you will be surprised. The rumor of those who have seen this show is "Going to Thailand without watching Sex Show is considered as not going to Thailand".
Hours: Evenings, or by night.
Location: Bangkok, Pattaya
Ticket price: The price will fluctuate around 1500 Bath.
Take a Thai tuk-tuk
Tuk-tuk is a unique means of transportation in the country of the Golden Temple. Actually, its name is "sam lor", meaning tricycles but gradually, the name tuk-tuk became more popular because when it came, the car called "tuk-tuk" sounded very funny. The tuk-tuk cars are often decorated in many striking colors, simply composed of a front seat for the driver and a rear cockpit that can accommodate 4-5 people. But if it were simply that, then it might not be enough to say that riding a "tuk-tuk" is a "must-try" experience during your trip to Thailand. The special thing is that the tuk-tuk only has a roof and no door, so you can comfortably "enjoy" the dust, smoke, the noise of the street, and see the life of the Thai people on the road without seeing through a glass window. Sitting on a tuk-tuk will bring the feeling of "adventure to the dock" of sunshine, wind, sound, and courage. If tourists come to Vietnam often choose to cyclo to see the streets peacefully and slowly, then when setting foot in Thailand, tourists choose to take a tuk-tuk to feel the "thrills" sometimes ... falling heart out. The driver drove the tuk-tuk very quickly, but you do not worry because the car is quite small, the wriggling is more convenient and also safe. In the evenings, you can hire a driver on cool tuk-tuks to take a look around the city to enjoy the atmosphere and beauty of Bangkok when lights up. The bustling atmosphere in a sleepless city will make you extremely excited.
Location: Bangkok, Pattaya, and other places in Thailand
Discover the impressive islands & the beautiful beaches
Thailand is also known as the paradise of the islands with countless beautiful bays. The beaches of white sand stretching, the clear blue sea, the majestic natural scenery will make you extremely excited. What is more wonderful than immersing yourself in the cool water and enjoy the fresh nature of the long beach in the hot summer. This time is peak season in Thailand. Resorts like Hua Hin, Phuket, or Pattaya, Koh Samui are always busy with tourists. Located in the equatorial region, the climate is hot and sunny all year round, there does not seem to be any winter. In return, Thailand is blessed by the natural mother with beautiful beaches, white sand, and colorful coral reefs. Today, with convenient transportation, there are direct flights from Bangkok to the southern towns of Thailand such as Phuket, Koh Samui, Krabi, or international direct flights to there, visitors can choose a vacation itinerary easily. Or you can take only about 3 - 4 hours by car from Bangkok, beautiful beaches have appeared before your eyes. In addition to relaxing & bathing in the cool blue water, visitors can also experience climbing in the breathtaking cliffs of Koh Phi Phi Island, watching the entire "jewel" of Thailand from the top of the mountain. Activities like scuba diving to watch the coral are also popular. For those who want to relax, renting a yacht on the sea, watching the green scenery, enjoying the cool cocktails is also a good idea. In the evenings, the beaches often organize barbecue parties, light bonfires, and listen to music from improvised amateur singers.
Famous beaches: Phuket, Krabi, Koh Phi Phi, Phang Nga Bay, Koh Samui…

Phuket, Thailand

Attend festivals in Thailand
From April to June, in the Rayong province of Thailand - a province about 220km from Bangkok capital, the Rayong fruit festival is held to attract many tourists. As a tropical country, Thailand's fruits are famous for their diversity, richness, and deliciousness. Mango, longan, rambutan, guava, plum, ... spoiled for you to enjoy. Thai people choose the most beautiful and delicious fruits to bring to the festival as a way for visitors to learn about the beauty of this Golden Temple country. If you love durian, it is impossible to miss the opportunity to enjoy the rich and delicious durian at this festival.
Songkran Water Festival is the most anticipated New Year's Eve festival of the Thai people. If you want to take part in this holiday, you should set foot in Thailand in the middle of April. Thousands of liters of water are splashed on people at each festival season with the hope that the bad things, unfortunately of the old year will be drifted away and luck followed the flow of water. This occasion is also a time to attract international tourists to visit and experience the feeling of the road that everyone ... wet but still fun, a lot of beautiful boys and girls everywhere flock, everyone smile to welcome the luck, happiness of the new year.
Enjoy the largest sky lantern festival in the world: Sky lantern festival, also known as Yi Peng festival, is usually held on the full moon day in December according to the Thai calendar. Sukhothai is the starting point of this traditional festival. In particular, for many years this is the venue for the most famous lantern festival and has attracted thousands of cross and international tourists to visit and participate in the sky drop festival. To avoid congestion as well as for everyone to enjoy the beauty of this great festival, it will be held for 5 nights. When you come here, all visitors have released skylights. Each of the skylights is lit up and the wishes are written inside, so a sky full of lights will create an incredibly fascinating sight that you cannot forget. In addition, during the festival, besides the collective sky lantern activity, you can also watch the extremely attractive fireworks displays and the special artistic performances of Thailand.

Festival in Chiang Mai

Experience floating markets
Coming to Thailand without going to floating markets is really flawed. Floating markets are presented in most Thai cities such as Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Chiang Mai, Pattaya... and bring the unique characteristics of each region. Floating markets open in the past for locals who trade, but with the growth of today's tourism in Thailand, visitors can't miss the floating experience on the Chao Phraya River for special shopping, enjoy great food at extremely affordable prices. All the items of the people are sold on small boats, from fruits, brocade or small restaurants such as mango sticky rice, colorful cream. The most well-known floating markets that you can choose to visit are Damnoen Saduak, Khlong Lat Mayom, Amphawa, Taling Chan... The river journey to explore Thailand's floating markets will surely make visitors satisfied and understand more about cultural life as well as experience the delicious typical food of each region.
Enjoy unique cuisine in Thai
It is impossible to go to Thailand without enjoying typical dishes like pad Thai or Tomyum. Pad Thai is a typical dish here, it is made from noodles, shrimp, bean sprouts, tamarind sauce, and depending on the way of processing, there will be some other spices. The appeal of this street food is the harmonious blend to the ingenious level of sweet and sour sauce imbued with noodles. Thailand is famous for tropical fruits; it seems that the Thai people have brought this feature to their local specialties. Any fruit is named in a special dish: mango sticky rice, som-tam (papaya salad), grilled coconut. Thai cuisine also has its characteristics according to the regions. In Central Thai the food is a bit sweet, the North is completely sweet and sour, the dishes are less spicy and less processed. On the contrary, if you come to Southern Thailand, the influential dishes from India will make visitors tear their tongues because they are processed spicy.

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