Top favorite sightseeing places in Tay Nguyen

Belonged to Truong Son Mountain Range, Tay Nguyen is the Central Highlands of Vietnam containing 5 provinces: Dak Lak, Gia Lai, Dak Nong, Kon Tum, and Lam Dong. For many years, the region is home to numerous ethnic minority groups such as Jarai, Ede, Bahnar, and K’hor. However, after many years, the Kinh people (ethnic Vietnamese) are the main population living here.

Among the tourist destinations in the Central Highlands, Dalat is known as the most famous one and in fact, few tourists know about Tay Nguyen. For those who want to experience the new taste of travel by getting off the popular destinations, the highlands are a brilliant choice. Below is the list of top favorite sightseeing places that you should plan in your trip to Tay Nguyen.

Ta Dung Lake (Dak Nong)

Ta Dung Lake top sightseeing in Tay Nguyen

Located in Dak Glong district (Dak Nong province), Ta Dung Lake is considered “Halong Bay of Tay Nguyen”, a masterpiece of natural beauty. Previously, it is a valley of Ta Dung Mountain and after that, the construction of a hydropower plant has turned it into a wonderful lake featuring many rare species of trees and animals.

The lake is the most stunning in the water storage season from July to December. During that time, the water is very clear and the rain helped the trees to grow well. Coming to Ta Dung, tourists can travel by boat to enjoy the beautiful natural landscapes, visit the local fishing village of the Ma people, and have the experience of a picnic with your friends and family in a tranquil atmosphere.

Dray Nur Waterfall (Dak Lak)

Dray Nur Waterfall must see in Tay Nguyen

Situated around 25km from Buon Ma Thuot city, Dray Nur waterfall is such a precious gift of nature in Dak Lak. It is the partner waterfall with the nearby Dray Sap. According to the sad love story that has been told by old people living in the area, Dray Nur is the wife and Dray Sap is the husband. They were separated because of the two villages’ conflict and decided to jump into the river to be side by side together. The god witnessed the tragic ending and raised a storm to split the river into two branches to separate the two villages forever.

Nowadays, both of the waterfalls belong to the system of the Seperok river, the longest river of Daklak. Dray Nur waterfall is famous for its scenic and romantic sights. It is also a perfect place for group picnics, camping, and enjoying the specialties of the Central Highlands.

Tea Sea Lake (Gia Lai)

Tea Sea Lake must see in Tay Nguyen

Belonged to Chu Pah district (Gia Lai Province) and situated just 13km from the Pleiku city center to the north, the tea sea lake is also the first French colonist tea plantation in Gia Lai built 100 years ago. Due to its location on the north shore of the T’Nung sea lake, indigenous people named this place Tea Sea Lake which also represents the spaciousness of the tea hill. The most favorite time to visit this area is in the early morning when you will be impressed by the untouched beauty and liveliness of a new day.

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Minh Thanh Pagoda (Gia Lai)

Minh Thanh Pagoda top sightseeing in Tay Nguyen

Located in Gia Lai Province and built-in 1964, Minh Thanh Pagoda, a majestic Buddhist architectural site, is known as the most amazing religious construction and is the great pride of the people living in Pleiku mountainous town. After the important 10-year restoration process, Minh Thanh Pagoda put on a completely new shirt with impressive beauty influenced by 3 countries: China, Taiwan, and Japan. Visiting Minh Thanh pagoda, you can easily feel the tranquil atmosphere among fresh green space and leave behind the daily worries of a busy life.

Mang Den Ecotourism site (Kon Tum)

Mang Den Ecotourism site top sightseeing in Tay Nguyen

Belonged to Kon Plong district (Kon Tum province), Mang Den Ecotourism site is located at an altitude of about 1,200m above sea level and is considered a natural separating strip between Truong Son Dong and Truong Son Tay with the cool temperature ranging from 16 to 22 Celsius degrees all around the year. Besides the vast ancient pine forests, Mang Den also owns plentiful vegetation and numerous lakes and waterfalls. If you are looking for a peaceful place among nature or a romantic area to watch stars, Mang Den is a highly recommended destination.

Kon Tum Wooden Church (Kon Tum)

Kon Tum Wooden Church must see in Tay Nguyen

Built-in 1913 by a French priest, Kon Tum wooden church located in the middle of immense highland green forest with an impressive rustic beauty is proudly recognized for its special architecture and style. The church was built of high-quality wood as rose-wood and ca chit, surrounded by walls made from straw mixing with mortar. With dexterity and meticulousness, the craftsmen have created the decorative pattern blocks inside the church which is a perfect combination of Roman style and a traditional house of Ba Na ethnic. Additionally, people also display ethnic products and a brocade textile facility inside the church.

Coming here any season of the year, you will see lots of flowers blooming making the space more romantic. This is also an ideal check-in point attracting many young people.

Coffee World Museum (Dak Lak)

>Coffee World Museum must see in Tay Nguyen

Located in the heart of Buon Ma Thuot city (Dak Lak province), the World of Coffee Museum is a major tourist attraction in the area and the most unique museum in Vietnam. Built in an ethnic Central Highlands’ longhouse, the design of the museum features the typical characteristics of the Highlands region in combination with luxurious Western architecture. Besides displaying many artifacts about the history of Vietnamese coffee and the world, it also has places for coffee drinks and workshops.

Central Highlands of Vietnam is a must-visit destination when you come to Vietnam! Add this stunning places in Tay Nguyen to your bucket places and head to Vietnam for unforgettable experiences!

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