Vietnam cruising in Halong Bay & Mekong River: Unique experiences

A trip on Halong Bay is different from a cruise on the Mekong river. Each will offer you a unique experience of relaxing on the deck and enjoying the fresh air or exploring the local lifestyle and culture of each region in Vietnam

Vietnam is a vibrant and beautiful country with varied landscapes, from the mountainous regions in the North to the highlands in the Central and the rich deltas along the east coast. With its long coastline and complex terrain, Vietnam is also a great country for a cruise trip. A Vietnam cruise trip will give you a glimpse of a wonderful country with its wildlife, landscape, climate, cuisine, and culture. The Mekong Delta and Halong Bay are the most famous destinations in the world and cruising along the long waterways is a favorite activity that every visitor should not miss when traveling to Vietnam. However, a trip on Halong Bay is different from a cruise on the Mekong river. Each will offer you a unique experience of relaxing on the deck and enjoying the fresh air or exploring the local lifestyle and culture of each region in Vietnam.

Cruising in Halong Bay

Halong Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage site that offers stunning views of limestone formations, bays, caves, and small beaches with rich marine life and lush tropical forests. You can easily and conveniently visit Halong Bay from Hanoi in a day or 2 days. However, to fully enjoy the activities and experiences that Halong Bay has to offer, you should stay at least 1 night on a cruise. The typical 2-day, 1-night cruise itinerary includes kayaking, cycling, visiting floating fishing villages, caving, swimming, or relaxing. You can also do morning Taichi on the sundeck and watch the sails on the sea, enjoy a romantic melody under the starry night sky, or taste delicious seafood on the bay.

Halong Bay has 3 different routes that you can explore: Central Halong; Bai Tu Long Bay (Northeast), and Lan Ha Bay (South), which have similar scenery but different attractions. You can choose from various types of cruises in Halong Bay, such as wooden or steel cruises, with different styles, sizes, amenities, and itineraries. Depending on your preference and budget, you can find a suitable cruise for your trip.

The best time to cruise in Halong Bay is in the Spring (from March to May) and Autumn (from October to December), when the weather is pleasant and dry, with an average ideal temperature of around 25 degrees C. This is perfect for outdoor activities. However, you can also visit Halong Bay in other seasons if you want to experience different aspects of Halong Bay, such as swimming in the summer or seeing the fog in the winter

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Cruising in Mekong River

Unlike Halong Bay, Mekong is one of the longest rivers in Asia that starts in the Tibetan Plateau in China, flows through six countries including a part of Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia then finished in southern Vietnam creating the fertile Mekong Delta. Mekong delta is the largest granary of Vietnam, which attracts tourists by the life on the waters of the people from villages, to floating markets, goods transportation, industry, and tourism, all created bustling and colorful sights. The only way to explore the Mekong is to take a river cruise.

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If in only Vietnam, 2 or 3-day cruising may be enough for you to explore the beautiful Mekong delta. If you choose the cruise trip with multiple regions and countries, it can be a week or more. On the cruise, you will have a chance to enjoy the beauty of the Mekong Delta with remarkable scenery such as floating villages, houses on stilt, magnificent temples, farmers on their fields, and floating markets. As the common itinerary of the Mekong river cruises, you can stop at big cities, but the most interesting on the itinerary is the small towns and villages along the bank river. Some interesting activities will be organized such as: walking or cycling around the villages, cruising through the local markets, cooking classes,… The cruise brings visitors closer to the local people in different corners of the delta, discover Vietnamese culture through the local customs and foods.

Or if you love cruising and have a lot of time, you can refer to cruises from Vietnam crossing the border to Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, .... cruising on the Mekong River is a perfect idea to explore the idyllic places and admire the life flowing on the waters of these countries.

The Mekong Delta region has two seasons: the wet (May to October) and the dry seasons (November to April). In the wet season, there will be short but heavy bursts of rain. The dry season offers 6 months of clearer skies and pleasant temperatures, so this is the best time to travel on a cruise.

Neither the Mekong Delta nor Halong Bay is famous destinations for cruising with many interesting activities to experience. If the days of your Vietnam trip allow, let’s enjoy both the Mekong Delta and Halong Bay cruises.

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