Best places for photography tours to Vietnam

With its diverse landscapes, colorful streets, old historical architecture, and friendly people, Vietnam is one of the most photogenic countries in the world which attracts many tourists to visit and photograph.
Vietnam is an S-shaped country stretching over a thousand miles from north to south with 3 regions: the north mountain, the central with the long coastal line, deltas, and highlands, and the Mekong River Delta in the South. Each region of Vietnam has a wild nature and men-made combined creating its beauty, so you can take different unique photos from the lush green mountains to pristine white sand beaches, from the authentic hill tribe markets with traditional lifestyles to the bustling street life in the city. Besides, Vietnam also has many interesting architectures all around the country, the food and the unique cultural quirks that you can take some photos of. Therefore, whatever it is you travel for, if you travel for photographing, surely Vietnam will bring something special to your mind.
Now Travel Authentic Asia will take you to each region in Vietnam where you can have the best photos in your collection after the trip.

1. Hanoi and the North

Hanoi is a historic capital of Vietnam that attracts many visitors every year. There are many sightseeings in Hanoi but the most unique and understated allure for photographers is the city’s street life, the small alleys like a maze, the railway tracks, and the bustling local markets. You can visit Long Bien Bridge and shoot the sunset from there or get up early and take a photo with Hoan Kiem lake when the people do exercises, it’s not only a beautiful photo but also your pictures and memories from one of our Hanoi tours will stay with you.
If you have a guide, you will be taken through Hanoi’s most exciting streets and vibrant suburbs at their most beautiful time of day, especially Hanoi by night. Hanoi will appear as a colorful picture with bustling activities. This is also a chance for you to improve your dime light photography skills.

Halong Bay
Halong bay is a natural heritage and one of the New 7 Wonders of the world that possesses plenty of awe-inspiring landscapes. This destination is the complex of spectacular limestone karsts, creating islands, grottoes, and peaks surrounding Ha Long bay. These make ideal spots offer a great chance for you to catch thousands of gorgeous views and have perfect photos. Bai Tho Moutain is one of the most famous ones in Halong and from the top of this mountain, you will enjoy a breathtaking view of Halong bay. Or there are other famous attractions for photography such as Trong Mai island, the symbol of Halong bay; Titop mountain and island; floating fishing villages; unusual limestone caves and karsts; or the lovely sights from cruises, … The best time of the day for taking a photo is normally after sunrise or sunset.


Ninh Binh
Located about 1,5 hours south of Hanoi, Ninh Binh is one of the appealing destinations in Vietnam. This dreamland owns historical and scenic landscapes which offer many opportunities for a photo tour. The photo tour to Ninh Binh often includes famous places as boat journey in Tam Coc, dubbed as Halong bay on land; a photographic exploration at Hoa Lu, Vietnam’s ancient capital; Phat Diem Cathedral; a sunset photo with an amazing view from the top of Mua caves; stunning paddies and river valleys or hunt unique photos with white butterfly in Cuc Phuong national park in the early days of summers, …

Sapa is a mountainous town of Lao Cai province, in Northwestern Vietnam. This place is known as the hidden land of so many wonderful things about natural beauty and national culture. Come here, you will have an opportunity to take photos of dreamy terraced fields, especially in May and June every year, Sapa fields enter the rice crop. Or you can find beautiful sceneries such as Ham Rong mountain, the unique architecture of Sapa stone church, or catch the moment at the local market or ethnic minorities’ villages, … You will not only get unique pictures but also learn about the differences in their traditional culture.
Sapa is one of the most beautiful places to hunt clouds, especially the top of Ham Rong mountain with a high of 1,850 m above sea level, O Quy Ho Pass, or the peak of Fansipan mountain, the highest mountain in Indochina.

Mu Cang Chai
Like some famous places in the Northwest of Vietnam, Mu Cang Chai is a perfect destination to explore and photograph the stunning terraced rice fields with a peaceful life. And the most attractive place is “Mam Xoi” (Tray of sticky rice) hill in La Pan Tan commune, Mu Cang Chai district, Yen Bai province. The famous unique-shaped terrace rice fields and some areas having beautiful spots for landscape photography, such as La Pan Tan village, the Khau Pha Pass, and Tu Le village are considered worthy to visit and take photos. Located about 290km from Hanoi, photographers often hunt amazing photos between mid-September and early October is the time when the ripening rice crop.

Ha Giang
Known as the northernmost frontier of Vietnam, Ha Giang offers a diversified colorful landscape and it is home to ethnic groups (the Dzao and Hmong are the most visible), rarely influenced by the turmoil and development of modern life. Ha Giang will not disappoint you for a fabulous photographic adventure to the limits of the northern mountains in Vietnam with the stunning Hoang Su Phi rice terrace field and the diverse local tribes or the breathtaking views of Dong Van karst plateau and White Meo villages.

ha giang

2. Hoi An and Central Vietnam

Central Vietnam has two of the most famous cultural destinations in the country, is Hue and Hoi An, and one modern city listed in the Top 10 worth-living cities in the world – Danang.

Hue is an ancient capital of Vietnam with the historical value of the country, unique architectural works, dreamlike scenery, and friendly people, … All made Hue become a delightful province for photographers. You will satisfy with many mesmeric landscapes to grab memorable moments. The best destinations for hunting photos are Hue Imperial citadel; Truong Tien river; Huong River; Thien Mu pagoda; Thanh Toan bridge or Tam Giang lagoon, the place is always bewitching at sunset, …
Danang is one of the fastest-growing metropolises in Vietnam and also an ideal place for taking great photos by its blending beauty of beaches and mountains. From Hue to Danang, we will go through Hai Van pass, which will offer great landscapes both road and rail, from jungle-clad mountain to blue ocean and stunning beach. You also see the life of local people with handmade coracle boats nearby the Lang Co lagoon. On the way to the centre of Danang, you can catch the beautiful white sand beaches such as My Khe and the jungle of Son Tra peninsula and other beautiful views with your camera.

Hoi An
Hoi An ancient town is a destination with endless photographic opportunities. Located in Quang Nam province, Central Vietnam, this ancient town is often lured by its peace and special things such as authentic architecture, excellent food, and tailor. Coming here, maybe you will be impressed by the yellow walls around Hoi An, the color symbolizes royalty. These yellow walls make amazing backgrounds for all kinds of interesting people from women on their way to the morning market to cyclists riding past and everyone in between. To have beautiful photos, you should choose a suitable time because Hoi An attracts many visitors every day. There are many locations in and around Hoi An that are best captured just as the morning light starts to brighten the surroundings such as the ancient town, Thu Bon River, Cua Dai bridge, Cua Dai beach or Cham island or the bustle of daily life at the central market and rural Vietnam at some villages. One more attractive thing is Hoi An by night, it’s very charming with a cascade of hanging lanterns. The shots over time will create an interesting collection of Hoi An.


3. Saigon and South Vietnam

Saigon - Ho Chi Minh city is the cosmopolitan metropolis of Vietnam. This modern city may look like another big city in Asia but if you are interested, you will find that Saigon’s pace, style, and soul are very different especially in its tiny and labyrinthine alleyways. Many local markets and food streets around apartment blocks will be spectacular scenery for your travel and also photograph. You can explore Saigon's alleyways and hidden corners, capturing local life as well as analyzing compositions and exploring lighting to improve your photographic skills.

Mekong Delta
The Mekong Delta is known as the "Nine Dragon river delta" is the region in southwestern Vietnam that is one of the most favorite destinations in Vietnam. If you used to visit Mekong Delta, you will easily imagine a picture of green, the tall swaying palms lining the river banks, the murky green color of the water, and the fertile agricultural land surrounding it. The landscape here is a lush maze of idyllic waterways and mangrove jungles. You can find the life of locals on the banks of rivers or colorful boats on chaotic floating markets. All will make for a truly magnificent photo on your trip.
Hope that with Travel Authentic Asia’s information, you will choose destinations suitable for your photo trip, for your stay in Vietnam. Besides, by this trip, you will explore more places and capture the natural beauty, people, as well as the culture and history of our country.

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