Ha Giang

Ha Giang is a highland province in the north of the country and contains the northernmost point of Viet Nam which is 320 km away from Hanoi. Ha Giang is famous on the tourist map with a scenic mountainous topography, colorful hill tribes, and typical local culture.

Ha Giang province is a highly mountainous region that is mainly covered by forests. A common but great sight during your travel here is the combination of evergreen forests cover in august mountains, local people in their colorful dress work on mountain slope growing corn or rice on the impressive rock plateau.

Ha Giang is home to Shan Tuyet - a very famous green tea with super quality. Shan Tuyet means snowy mountains. Shan Tuyet tea is collected from century-old tea trees on the top of high mountains where clouds cover all year round. Ha Giang tea is well-known for customers in the domestic market and also in foreign markets. Valleys between mountains are best suitable for local specialties of plum, peach, and persimmon.

ha giang

Quan Ba district is located about 40 km up north of Ha Giang capital city that is a mountainous region with a cool climate all year round. La Sung valley with charming mountains of unique shapes and lush forests whose beauty is difficult to be matched.

Dong Van district with the Lung Cu peak that is 1600m to 1800m above sea level locates at the utmost north of Vietnam and is regarded to be the rooftops of the country. H’Mong King palace located in a small beautiful valley is a tourist attraction in Ha Giang with its unique architecture and the history of the King of H'mong People in the past.

Source: HA GIANG TRE TRAVEL Youtube Channel

The Ma Pi Leng peak is the place you can collect all the beauty of nature into your eyes. It feels like you are standing on the border of heaven and earth to catch the whole splendid nature and breathe the fresh air of the mountain and immerse yourselves in the pure atmosphere of the North highland.

A trip to Ha Giang, all tourists wish to visit Khau Vai love market, a special market held for the people who fail their love to meet their ex-lovers to remind about the beautiful memories and to remind themselves to live a better and happier life.

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